Phoenix Arcade: Underwater Skirmish Splinterlands Tournament Results!

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Our second Themed @splinterlands Tournament went off really well! We had a total of 85 players again in this one! Thank you to everyone who participated! We look forward to seeing you all in next week's tournament Jungle Rumble


Underwater Skirmish Tournament Results

Screenshot 2022-04-23 100856.png

Screenshot 2022-04-23 100922.png

Here's the results for the top 10 performers in the tournament! Everyone in the top 10 won one Chaos Legion card from the Water Splinter + some DEC, with the top prize being Kelya Frendul. We had a lot of ties this Tournament, so the game redistributed the DEC prizes a bit. We'll also list the players that won some DEC due to ties below. Overall great performances by everyone here! Prizes have already been sent out and you can check the explorer Here :

1st - @adamaro - 400 DEC + Kelya Frendul
2nd - @tabo11 - 250 DEC + DiemonShark
3rd - @lriddlerl - 150 DEC + Merdaali Guardian
4th - @ign1te - 150 DEC + Deep Lurker
5th - @mondroid - 150 DEC + Angelic Mandarin
6th - @davethegreat - 150 DEC + River Nymph
7th - @kjchemical - 50 DEC + Flying Squid
8th - @mnemonikx - 50 DEC + Hardy Stonefish
9th - @schnapoon - 14.286 DEC + Kulu Swimhunter
10th - @tradyscho - 14.286 DEC + Cruel Sethropod
11th - @robbietiger - 14.286 DEC
12th - @voidwalk - 14.286 DEC
13th - @amaillo-m - 14.286 DEC
14th - @sciscia - 14.286 DEC
15th - @heyimnash - 14.286 DEC

Again, thank you to everyone who battled it out in Underwater Skirmish! Stay tuned for more information on our next tournament!


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