Crush Bronze League in Splinterlands with 3 cards.

Ready to make some sweet Play to Earn loot?
Let's have a look at a killer deck today for Bronze league.
The goal, if you're starting is obviously to get as much DEC as you can.

So how do you it? Winning Bronze league isn't too hard. You can get to Silver ranking for crazy cheap with 3 cards using my simple guide.

First you're going to need 2 splinter colors.
For this guide I'm going to focus on Fire. (Don't worry, I'll put out another deck guide tomorrow).

The first card you should get is Lava Launcer

Currently when I'm writing this DEC is at .06. So that's pretty much free. You're going to get that DEC back in 1 winning fight.
Why is this card so great?

  1. His armor and health are insane. 11 points worth.
  2. Damage 3! Yes please.
  3. Mana cost. This is high at 9, but if you're using him, this is going to be your main mana cost.
  4. Close Range: What this means? You can use him as a tank, or in position 2. The normal no attacking rule because he's a ranged is negated.

Alright you've went and gotten Lava Launcher. Now? Cerberus.
This little regen doggy is going to be most peoples first choice as a red tank.

  • Free to use, since he's in your starter deck
  • Regen! 4 Mana, put this guy in front and watch people sadly try to kill him with 1 point attacks. It'll take a while.
  • So, with him sitting up front and the Lava Launcher in the back you're going to power through most Bronze teams

The next card you're going to grab is Gelatinous Cube
Grab this card. For .10 DEC again you'll win that back in 1 fight.

  • For 1 Mana? This little slime will almost always come into play
  • The fact that he slows the whole opposing team down by 1? It gives your Lava and Dog a real chance of going first. That's a lot of damage before they even get to do round 1
  • Put him right behind your doggy of doom, and it gives your Lava Launcher one more emergency hit, even if they get through Cerberus.

That's all you really need to use the Fire deck to mess up your opponents in Bronze. With this combo, you should be able to get a nice 10 win streak.

Follow me for Splinterlands guides, and as always have fun and crush your enemies before you.