Quest Rewards Of Splinterlands Game


Hello dear fellows of Hive community! I am again here to share my todays splinterlands quest rewards with you. I received 3 rewards of chest today .



Pelacor Descent 4 of 4 - The pelacor grew to be highly intelligent and creative beings. They could imagine incredible things, and many of them were not satisfied with their soldierly lives on Solaki. From their home in the sky, they can also plainly see the disturbance in the rift in the stars. Because of their upbringing and education in Angel traditions, the pelacor are fully aware of the implications of the rift’s opening. Feeling an overwhelming need to defend the Planet of their ancestors, a large group of pelacor organized an escape from military service. Nearly a thousand pelacor stole army grade plumton ventilators and left for the ground. Most of them didn’t make it. The pelacor who made it to the surface are scattered throughout the Splinterlands. None of them know exactly how many of their brothers survived. The winged men have been happily welcomed by the people of the Splinterlands. Humans and goblins, having never known the power of flight, tend to see them as a daydream come to life. The pelacor defectors have fallen into different situations and Splinters, but they are all here to aid in the coming fight against the Chaos Legion. One day the greater pelacor forces from above will launch their takeover of the surface. The defectors hoped that their loss would be detrimental to the armies, but they were wrong. If and when the attack comes, the Splinterlands pelacor will have to face off against their brethren.


  • 1 Alchemy Potion Charges
  • 1 Common Card PELACOR CONJURER
    In my todays quest rewards you can see, in the three loot chests I got two common cards PELACOR MERCENARY from earth splinter and PELACOR CONJURER from life splinter, and one alchemy potion charges..

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