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Hi everyone,

in this post I want to talk about gameplay guides / strategies, why we need them and what we are missing. Let's jump right into it.



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Guides in general are part of every competitive game, as players always want to get better, especially when there's a ranking system with rewards. When you need to purchase all your cards and build your collection for several hundreds or thousands of dollars, knowing what to buy and how to use it is even more important.

When we look at Hearthstone for example there's multiple sites that have tier lists and guides.

Tempostorm Snapshot is one of the best ones and it shows all the current meta decks, puts them into tiers and has win rates against the other decks.

Sure, Splinterlands and Hearthstone are quite different when it comes to gameplay, but we still need to build a collection of cards and decide what to get. While we have very good guides (like Luke's above) on Splinterlands in general and it's crypto aspect I think we are lacking some gameplay wise.


Existing Guides

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(From UeyUey's 12 Mana Template Guide)

There are a few guides out there I want to name:

  • Bulldog's Beginner Decks

Earth, Life, Death, Fire, Water

  • UeyUey's Silver Strategies


  • Hawks21's Strategies

Playlist with Different Strategies

There are probably way more, but those are very well done and worth featuring in my opinion. However they are far from complete and situational for their leagues. We would need the same for at least Bronze and Gold in my opinion.


Deck Building

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Gameplay guides are very important, however some of the cards can be quite expensive and new players or players who don't have the funds can barely make use of them. This is why I think an emphasis should be made on deck building, like Bulldog did in his silver deck series, but for each league.

Then there should also be an overview on what each deck does best in terms of rule sets and mana caps. If you get a Kelya and Sloan deck for example, you might not do as well in Noxious Fumes as with a Tarsa or Thaddius deck.



This gave me the idea of a comprehensive guide for all summoners at each league.

I'm thinking of a website where you chose your league, format and rule set and it shows you which summoner and specifically which cards work best for that rule set.

For example:

League: Silver
Format: Modern
Rule Set: Noxious Fumes


Tarsa - gives everyone +1 Health, has monster with Immunity (Forgotten One) and Cleanse (Scavo Chemist), has other monsters with high Health (Tusk the Wide, Molten Ash Golem)

Thaddius Brood - gives every enemy -1 Health, has monster with Immunity (Harklaw), has Monster with Scavenger (Rift Wing)

This is only one quick example. Someone with a lot of experience and skill or even an algorithm could to this way more comprehensive of course, but you get the idea.

The website could also show the three most played line ups (by win rate) at certain mana caps for those specific settings or general winning line ups.

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I think Splinterboard is doing something like that, but they have a premium service you need to pay for in order to fully use their page. Also they only show game data and I would much rather like to have a guide / tier list approach, because it gives a better overview.



As Splinterlands is getting more and more competitive I think it's important to create a site with comprehensive guides that are well structured and optically pleasing, so that new players have an easier start and some references and older players can get better and build their collection in a more efficient way.

I think this site should be linked on the Splinterlands page somewhere, be a well worked out project and updated regularly, rather than some individual guides on YouTube that will get lost in the feed.

I hope this will get some recognition and maybe start a project. I'd be more than happy to participate in any way or form so feel free to hit me up.


None of this is financial advice. These tips are for educational purposes only and might all fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.


Start playing Splinterlands today!

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Hope you enjoyed the read. Have a great day and until next time!



This kind of help is greatly appreciated.