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Hi guys,

we have another Battle Challenge and this week it's with the Djinn Apprentice. I'm especially excited for this one, because I just started purchasing and upgrading my fire deck and haven't played with it yet.

You can watch the full battle here!


The Card

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Djinn Apprentice is a rare magic fire card from the Chaos Legion set. It only has one ability, Deathblow, which deals double damage if the opponent has only one monster left. I don't like the ability that much, but stat wise it's pretty solid. With 2 magic attack from the start you can deal some good damage and it increases as you level it up, giving it 3 in silver for example.

Its weakness is definitely its defense. With only 4 health and 2 speed, no armor or other defensive abilities, it will die very fast. That's why you need to make sure to position it properly in your line up.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 10.44.28.png

In terms if its price it's on the cheaper end. If you play in bronze I would say one BCX is enough. The extra speed is nice, but not a must have, if you are on a budget. For silver you definitely want it at level 4 for the extra magic attack. Same goes for gold, though. You don't really need the extra health nor the Deathblow, so level 4 is also sufficient for gold.


The Ruleset

Rules for this battle were Holy Protection and Rise of the Commons, with every splinter available except Death and a 54 Mana cap.


The Line Up & Strategy

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With all the splinters available and high mana you can basically play anything. Since my daily quest was "Fire" and I wanted to get a nice battle for this challenge, I decided to play fire 😎

I only have a level 2 Jacek, which allows me to play max silver cards, but I'm playing in gold so this would get a little challenging. On top I don't have a lot of fire cards leveled up, yet.

I ended up using Septic Slime as my tank, even though it is only level 1, because it has the highest health and I like Stun. As my off tank I chose Radiated Brute, because I have it leveled up. I made a mistake here, thinking it would have enrage (I have a level 6 copy, but since Jacek is only level 2 I couldn't play it). Fineas Rage would've been a better choice. In the third position I used Tenyii Striker, again because I have him leveled up. I wasn't sure where to put him, because he's great in the last position to protect against Sneak with his Dodge ability, but same goes for when he gets to the first position. In the last two spots I went with the Techno-guy (never going to lern how to spell this dude) for some random Scattershot stuns and finally Tinderlock for the Laststand opportunity.

The strategy was rather simple, I was hoping for some fast and strong attacks, a few stuns to disable the enemy and then Tinderlock with Laststand to win out the game in the final rounds.

Let's see how it went.


Round 1

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 12.10.37.png
My opponent went for fire as well, but they used a gold level Tarsa a few gold level cards. Exploding Rats in the first position is a commonly used in Holy Protection battles, because it will usually die within the first two attacks and take away all my Holy Shields with its Redemption ability.

The first round starts off with the Exploding Rats hitting my Tank and taking away its Holy Shield + Radiated Brute's shield through the blast as well. The Brute attacks back, taking away the Rats shield. The rest of the attacks are very spread out due to the fact that my ranged and magic attackers have Scattershot and I have a sneak. This way I manage to take off every Holy Shield and Technowiz also lands a stun on Fire Elemental. My Septic Slime attacks at last and takes out the Exploding Rats, which explodes and takes away all my remaining Holy Shields with its Redemption ability.

Other than that no deaths and barely any health damage.

Round 2

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 12.40.44.png
Djinn Apprentice lands a nice 3 damage hit on Fineas, which in return hits my Septic Slime for 4. Their Fire Elemental is stunned and can't attack. My Tenyii hits their Ash Mirage and Technowiz lands yet another stun on Fire Elemental, which is huge. My Brute then takes Finea's health further down to 4.

Unfortunately I don't manage to kill anything and here comes the revenge: Ash Mirage finishes off the wounded Septic Slime, pulling Brute in the first position, which takes a whopping 4 damage hit from the opponent's Brute and instantly dies. Their Tenyii also takes down my Tinderlock to 3 health, ready to finish it off next turn.

Round 3

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 12.47.07.png
Djinn Apprentice attack lands on Ash Mirage, which survives with just one health and since my Tenyii sits in the first position he can't finish it off with his sneak attack. However Fire Elemental is still stunned and Fineas misses his attack on my Tenyii! Technowiz hits Fire Elemental for the third time in a row, taking it down, which is really, really lucky. Tinderlock's attack then hits the wounded Ash Mirage, taking it out. In return Tenyii finishes Tinderlock off, though and their Brute lands their 4 damage hit on my Tenyii.

Round 4

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 12.50.54.png
Apprentice goes first as always and lands a hit on their Tenyii. Technowiz also hits the Tenyii landing yet another Stun (4 out of 4 I think). My own Tenyii takes out their Fineas, before it can attack and then also dodges the Brute's attack.

Luck is on my side.

Round 5 & 6

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 12.53.05.png
Apprentice hits their Tenyii and takes it out, while my own Tenyii deals 3 damage to the Brute, activating its Enrage ability and then dying to it. Technowiz takes the Brute's health down to 1 and lands, you guessed it, another stun!

Round 6 Apprentice takes quick care of the stunned and barely clinging to live Radiated Brute and secures the win.



Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-13 um 12.58.00.png
Wow, there's a lot to talk about!

First thing I want to mention (again) is that I played silver level cards in gold 1 against a mix of gold and silver level cards and won. Second thing: That was really lucky 😂

Using (completely free) you can run the battle over and over again and the site shows you your win percentage. As you can see mine was horrible. I not only did Technomiz hit 3 consecutive Scattershots on the same target, but he also stunned it all three times. Tenyii Striker also dodged a very important attack . But that's what makes games and especially playing with Scattershot so much fun - the RNG (at least when it's in your favor, lol).

I did switch around the Tenyii Strike to the last position, because I was unsure if that would've been better, but it wasn't. Didn't make a difference.

Djinn Apprentice definitely did its job, though. With the speed buff from Jacek it always went first and did land nice big attacks. To be fair my strategy was more tailored to weak backlines, where the scattershot magic attacks might've bypassed some armor and taken out weaker cards. My opponent didn't really have any important support or glass canon cards (except for the Fire Elemental, which I did take out).

Over all I'm very happy with how things turned out of course, looking forward to upgrade my Jacek to level 3 and playing more with fire and Djinn Apprentice.


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