Battle Challenge with Djinn Chwala

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Hi guys,

this weeks Battle Challenge is with the Dragons theme! As always with dragons we don't have a particular card to play with, but can choose any dragon monster or summoner. I'll show you my battle in modern gold league today.

💥You can watch the full battle here!💥


The Card

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I used multiple dragons in this battle, but I decided to highlight the Djinn Chwala. I probably already did a battle challenge with him before, but there are only so many dragons I own and the card is just too good, so I think we're fine.

Djinn Chwala is a reward card from the Chaos Legion set that can be obtained by just playing the game and earning rewards chests.

It has 3 abilities:

Level 1 - Thorns
Level 4 - Enrage
Level 6 - True Strike

Chwala is the definition of a tank. With high health and armor + Thorns at level 1 it can take a beating of any kind while also throwing back some of the damage. It doesn't have the best speed, but decent attack and once it gets to level 4 where it gains the Enraged ability, that attack is getting buffed significantly, making Chwala a threat to be reckoned with.

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Looking at the price a regular foil BCX currently sells for 7 cents. By all means this card for this price is a must have! Its print run might come to an end once soul bound reward cards are being introduced some time this month, which could increase its value. Regardless I would get a maxed copy for the league you're playing in if you own a dragon summoner.


The Ruleset

The rules for this battle were Magic Reflect and Broken Arrows, with 99 mana and Fire, Earth and Dragon available.


The Line Up & Strategy

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First up I don't have any leveled up earth summoners, so the decision was to go with either fire or dragon. Since I had 99 mana and dragon has more cards to chose from I went with dragon.

As my summoner I used Quix and paired him with fire, really because it's the only dragon summoner I have. It's not ideal, because ranged attackers were not allowed due to the ruleset, but it is what it is.

As my tank I chose Djinn Chwala, because with every monster having magic reflect and ranged out of the picture, chances were very high they would use melee attackers. Djinn is perfect against melee, because of his armor and Thorns.

In the second spot I went with Carnage Titan, really because it's one of the strongest melee monsters I have and it can deal huge amounts of damage with the Double Strike. Next I went with Disintegrator for the Demoralize, which reduces enemies melee attack by 1 and would play well with the rules.

For my damage dealers I went with Tenyii Striker, because melee attacks were the way to go as we already established and he's a beast. To further hit their backline with sneaks I also put in a Sand Worm, even though he's only level 1.

Lastly I went with Chaos Dragon in the back spot, because of the armor, high health and flying, to protect against enemy sneak attacks and also, because even with magic reflect on every monster you can't not put in a Chaos Dragon in a 99 mana battle 😂


The Battle

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My opponent went for a Jacek fire team with Grum as a big boy in the first spot and mainly melee attackers like I anticipated. They also put in Tenyii Striker and Sand Worm, but also two magic attackers with Dr Blight and Magi of Chaos. This looks fun, let's see how it goes!

My opponents starts off with Fineas attacking my Djinn, dealing 2 damage to its armor and taking 2 damage from the thorns. His Tenyii and Sand Worm then go for my Chaos Dragon, dealing quite a bit of damage and taking away the Flying ability with the Snare.

Chaos Dragon returns an attack on Magi of Chaos, also hitting Blight and Sand Worm and in return taking tons of reflected magic damage - ouch.

Magi of Chaos hits my Tenyii, but also takes the reflected damage and then gets taken out by my Tenyii. Carnage Titan and Djinn go to work on Grum and take him down to 10 health. His attack against my Djinn only hits armor and he takes further Throns damage.

Finally my Sand Worm takes out their Sand worm.

This was a very good first round!

Round 2

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Fineas goes first and hits through Djinn's armor with the Piercing, enraging him and taking 2 Thorns damage. The enraged Djinn is now faster than their Tenyii and thus attacks first, hitting Grum for 6! Carnage Titan takes care of the rest and also takes Fineas down to 3 health.

Their Tenyii takes out my wounded Chaos Dragon and Dr Blight gains back some health with Scavenger. He also hits my Disintegrator for just enough to let the poison do the rest.

Both my Tenyii and Sand Worm miss their attacks on the enemy Tenyii.

This round didn't go nearly as well as the first...

Round 3

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Fineas hits Djinn, who immediately returns the attack and kills him off, pulling Tenyii into the first position. He takes Djinn down to 2 health while also taking Thorns Damage.

Carnage Titan misses the first attack on Tenyii, which really sucks, but lands the second and my own Tenyii then takes care of the rest.

Doctor Blight still gaining health through the deaths of monsters with Scavenge and takes out my Djinn. Sand Worm hits for 5 however, taking Blight down to 2 health.

Round 4

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Carnage Titan swiftly takes care of the wounded Doctor Blight, securing the win for me.



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First off it's always nice to win against opponents who have "better" cards than you do. In this case they had the Doctor Blight, which is quite expensive at level 3 and also the leveled up Sand Worm, where as mine was only level 1.

However even with all the dodges from their Tenyii Striker we won rather comfortably and the engine also says we had this at 98% win chance.

Ultimately I think their Magi of Chaos was a mistake, since it took so much damage from the Magic Reflect and also didn't offer any resistance against my sneak attackers.

I'm very happy with the outcome!


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.


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