Battle Challenge with Djinn Renova

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Hey everyone,

this weeks Battle Challenge is with Grund. Unfortunately I don't own that card, so I decided to share a battle with another Chaos Legion epic card. As always I'll be going over my thoughts on the card, my strategy for the battle and the details of how the battle worked out.

💥You can watch the full battle here!💥


The Card

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The card I chose is Djinn Renova, a magic attacking life monster from the Chaos Legion reward set.


  • Level 1 - Strengthen
  • Level 4 - Triage

Djinn Renova is primarily a support card. With Strengthen at level one she's able to buff the health of all allied monsters by 1 and with Triage at level 4 and above she's also able to heal the backline. Coupled with her magic attack, which allows her to attack from any position, she makes for an amazing backline support.

However her relatively high health and magic attack allow her to work both as a damage dealer and off-tank / sneak/snipe protect. You can easily put her in the second spot where she can absorb snipe hits, especially because she can heal herself with Triage and take the first spot once your main tank dies. In the same way you can put her in the last spot to tank sneak attacks and have her heal herself.

With 2 magic attack in bronze, 3 in gold and 4 in diamond she is also able to deal quite a bit of damage, making her a very well rounded card and extremely effective for only 7 mana.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 13.06.40.png

At current prices she is ridiculously cheap and you can get a maxed (!) copy for $5,5. There is a lot of supply for this card so I expect prices to stay relatively stable for quite some time. However since the card is out of print, as demand increases I fully expect this card to go up in price, considering just how good it is.


The Ruleset

There was only one rule for this game: True Aim, with 50 mana and Fire, Life and Dragon splinters available.


The Line Up & Strategy

Design ohne Titel.png

With the True Aim rule I wanted to go for some heavy hitting cards, since they can't miss, which usually means Grum, but because I wanted to highlight Djinn Renova I went with Dragon + Life. Dragon just gives few little more options.

For my tank I went with Djinn Chwala, because it's just one of the best tanks in the game and Thorns is quite nice with True Aim, because you insure to deal back some damage for take a guaranteed hit. In the second spot I chose Carnage Titan, also because he's one of the best reach monsters and the 3 attack with double strike is very powerful, especially when it can't miss.

In the third spot I went with Adelade as my first support card with Repair and Resurrect, making sure Djinn Chwala would stay alive a little longer. Fourth spot then took Djinn Renova as my second support card with the Strengthen and Triage, in case I would be facing any attacks against my backline.

In the second last spot I went with Prismologist as my big damage dealer. 4 attack with Blast and True Strike (due to the rules) is just too good to miss out on. Finally I put Venari Crystalsmith in the last spot as another support card to heal my Djinn Chwala if it takes magic damage.

The strategy was to focus all my attacks on the enemies first position while making sure my backline was protect well enough with tanks and through Triage, Strengthen and Resurrect.


Round 1

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 13.22.38.png

My opponent also went with a Quix dragon + life team and they also put Djinn Chwala and Carnage Titan upfront. However they chose to bring the Chaos Dragon for some extra magic damage and the sneak duo Stitch Leech and Uraeus to attack my backline.

First round starts with Crystalsmith dealing 1 damage to their Djinn Chwalas armor, then taking a hit from Uraeus and getting poisoned instantly.

Chaos Dragon's scattershot lands on my Djinn, enraging it and dealing blast damage to the Titan. My enraged Djinn takes off their Djinn's entire armor and takes thorns damage in return.

My Djinn Renova heals the Titan with Triage and deals some damage to their Djinn Chwala, which the Titan then takes out. It gets resurrected and repaired by their Adelade, but my own Adelade takes it out for good with her magic attack.

Meanwhile their Carnage Titan takes off the remaining armor off my Djinn Chwala and Stitch Leech takes Venari Crystalsmith down to 1 health, ready to let the poison do the rest.

Lastly my Prisomologist hits their Carnage Titan and Chaos Dragon through the blast damage, but only deals armor damage.

Round 2

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 13.32.38.png

Crystalsmith dies to the poison, gets resurrected by Adelade and manages to get a heal off on Djinn Chwala, before being immediately taken out again by Uraeus.

Chaos Dragon's Scattershot lands on Djinn Renova this time, dealing damage to the adjacent Adelade and Prismologist. Djinn heals herself with Triage and hits Carnage Titan for 3, which returns the attack on my Djin Chwala, taking it down to 6 health and then barely surviving the two attacks from my own Carnage Titan.

Stitch Leech only hits my Prismologist's armor and both Adelades repair their own tanks and deal magic damage to the opponent's. Which, in my case, takes out the enemy Carnage Titan.

Lastly my Prismologist fires her big attack against Chaos Dragon and again only hits armor, but at least some blast damage to the Adelade behind it.

Round 3

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 13.39.56.png

My Chwala hits a whoping 6 damage on the Chaos Dragon, which returns the attack and leaves Chwala barely alive at 1 health. Uraeus lands a poison on Prismologist which is enough to take her out after the round. Djinn Renova heals the Prismologist back up to 4 health however and then takes Chaos Dragon down to 1 health.

Carnage Titan finishes off both the Chaos Dragon and their Adelade with his double strike.

Stitch Leech takes Prismologist down to 1 health again, so that the poison can do its work, but the heal from Renova allowed Prismologist to take that hit and be able to get one last attack off. Unfortunately it only hits Uraeus armor (again) and some blast damage to Stitch Leech, which gained enough health through the Lifeleech ability to easily take that hit.

Round 4

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 13.45.21.png

Prismologist dies to the poison, Djinn Chwala makes quick use of Uraeus and Djinn Renova and Carnage Titan take out Stitch Leech, before it can attack.


Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-03 um 13.47.01.png

My strategy worked very nicely. The opponent did bring two sneak attackers, which managed to kill off two of my cards, however because of the heals from Djinn Renova it took them too long and they didn't get to my more important support cards Adelade and Djinn Renova, which also dealt good chunks of magic damage.

On the other front my tanks stayed alive throughout the entire game, even though my Resurrect was "wasted" on Venari Crystalsmith and managed to protect my supporters from being pulled into the first position. At the same time Djinn Chwala and Carnage Titan also dealt insane amounts of damage.

I'm very happy with the line up and outcome and the statistics also speak for me with a win percentage of 96%. I think this was a good battle to show how effect Djinn Renova can be as both a support and damage card and maybe next time I'll also manage to show a battle where she works a little bit as a tank 😉.


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.



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