Battle Challenge with Flying Squid!

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Hi guys,

I'm back with another Battle Challenge and this weeks card for the challenge is the Flying Squid. I'll be going over the card briefly, including its abilities, stats and price and will then move on to the battle and my line up and strategy for it.

Let's go!


The Card

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Flying Squid is a melee water card from the Chaos Legion edition and has 3 abilities.

  • Level 1 - Reach
  • Level 6 - Blind
  • Level 10 - Backfire

Paired with high health, decent speed and attack this makes a great off-tank in the second position of your line up. Reach allows him to attack and once your tank is dead it can fill that position quite nicely.

At higher levels the blind also comes in very handy if you play Kelya as your summoner, giving your team +1 speed and making it very difficult for the enemy to hit you.

I personally like this card a lot, because it fits in so well into the Kelya melee line up and brings everything to the team that you would want from an off-tank.

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In terms of price it's not the cheapest Chaos Legion common card, but still very cheap non the less in my opinion. You can get a maxed normal copy for silver (60 BCX) for $4,3 or a maxed gold foil copy for $5,1.


The Ruleset

The rules for this battle were Super Sneak and Noxious Fumes with 44 mana and every single splinter available.


The Line Up & Strategy

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When choosing what to play I usually go one of two routes. Either I try to predict what my opponent is playing and counter it or I play my possibly strongest team and let them deal with it. With 44 mana and every splinter available in this battle I couldn't possibly guess what my opponent would play so I went with route 2.

The first and most important idea was to play high health monsters to withstand the poison from Noxious Fumes. To guarantee this I played Diemonshark, Flying Squid and Deeplurker, because they also all have great offensive capabilities. Next I put in a River Nymph to cleanse my Diemonshark. With some mana left and the Super Sneak ruleset to worry about I decided to put a Djinn Oshannus in the very last position in hope he would dodge some melee attacks with his high speed and put an Angelic Mandarin next to him for the healing with triage.


The Battle

💥Watch the full battle here💥

Round 1

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My opponent went for a Tarsa fire team with lots of heavy melee attackers in the back. They had a similar idea like I with the Finneas Rage in the back spot as a high speed monster to dodge attacks and they also went with high health monsters and a cleanse. Let's see how this turns out.

First round we both hit our attack's and cleanse our front line tanks. Nothing out of the ordinary really happened here other than Oshannus getting a dodge against the Kobold Bruiser, which didn't matter, because he survived with 1 HP and died to poison instantly afterwards.

Round 2

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-14 um 10.16.42.png
Round 2 after the poison damage starts off like this. Diemonshark and River Nymph manage to get the Living Lava down to 1 HP, but because it was cleansed poison doesn't take it out and Angelic Mandarin deals no damage, due to the Shield ability. Meanwhile Flying Squid and Deeplurker both just hit Grums armor in the backline. On the other hand Grum and Forgotten One both miss their attacks against Angelic Mandarin with only a 30% and 20% chance, which also heals Flying Squid back up to full health. This might have turned the tides in my favor.

Round 3

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Poison finally got the best of Scavo Chemist, Kobold Bruiser and River Nymph. Diemonshark goes first and finally takes out the Living Lava, triggering Trample and getting another hit off on Forgotten One. Flying Squid and Deeplurker now also finish the Grum, as he has no more armor left to protect him. Forgotten One's attack on the other hand only hits Diemonsharks armor. Angelic Mandarin keeps healing up my backline with it's Triage.

Round 4

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Forgotten One managed to stay alive to the bitter end, not taking any poison damage due to Immunity. Unfortunately for him my melee attacking trio is just too fast and without any armor take quick care of him.



I'm happy with the outcome and my strategy. Oshannus died in the first round and didn't really dodge any important attacks (even though he had like a 50% dodge chance), but other than that it worked out pretty well. Angelic Manderin was really worth the 4 mana, constantly healing my backline and mitigating the poison damage. Also Diemonshark survived the entire battle without a scratch to his health (I actually would have liked a little damage to trigger the Enrage ability).

Flying Squid also did its job and while it might not be the most flashy card or carrying games in its own, I think it's a must have for every competitive water deck. It's just such a use full and affordable card and synergizes perfectly with the other Chaos Legion water cards.


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.



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