Battle Challenge with Jared Scar!

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Whats up everyone, haven't posted anything in a while, but I'm back with a classic Battle Challenge. This week I want to show you a fun strategy with Jared Scar. Lets get right into it!

You can watch the full battle here!


The Card

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Like I said the card I want to highlight is Jared Scar, one of the "new" reward cards.

He has a couple of very nice abilities:

Level 1 - Blood Lust
Level 2 - True Strike
Level 3 - Piercing

making him one of only two monsters so far outside the Gladius cards that has Blood Lust. For everyone who's not familiar, every time a monster with Blood Lust gets a kill its Health, Armor, Attack and Speed increase by 1 permanently (in Reverse Speed rulesets they don't gain Speed).

For me this has to be the most fun ability in the game, because it's just so satisfying when you manage to get kill after kill and your monster gets ridiculously strong. Other than that I really like the artwork, he looks so stylish in my opinion.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 11.55.17.png
In terms of price you can get a copy for $3, which is pretty cheap for a legendary in my opinion, but it's also still in print, so you can earn this card by playing the game and opening those reward chests.


The Ruleset

The rulesets for this battle were No Healing and Reverse Speed, with Water and Earth banned and a 30 mana cap.


The Line Up & Strategy

Design ohne Titel.png

With Reverse Speed I usually go Earth, because they have a lot of good 1 speed monsters that synergize well with Obsidian, but since earth wasn't available I decided to go for something fun!

The whole strategy resolves around Jared Scar. My plan was to get him as much armor (which turns into Void Armor due to Grand Master Rathe) and repairs to keep him alive at all costs and then have him take out the opponents monsters one at a time, gaining stats and becoming unstoppable.

I went with Rathe as my summoner for the Armor and Void Armor, two repairs with Adelade Brightwing (which also has 1 speed and 2 magic attack and can therefore deal some additional damage) and Scavo Hireling, a Truthspeaker for even more armor and lastly two ranged attackers to support Jared Scar with some damage.


Round 1

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.09.19.png

I'm up against a Tarsa fire team and they brought both a Living Lava with Shield, which my two archers in the back can't penetrate, and a Disintegrator who's nerfing my Jared Scar's attack... they also have a Repair and Sneak and Opportunity to attack my support cards in the back.

First round is just everyone hitting armor and armor being repaired. Neither me nor my opponent managed to do any real damage. I did get in 2 magic damage with Adelade Brightwing on the Living Lava though, which could be key to winning.

Round 2

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.12.55.png

Second round they manage to take out my Xenith Archer, which gets revived by Adelade. Not the monster I would've liked the resurrect to be used on to be honest...
I get in another 2 damage with the magic attack on Living Lava, but other than that not much. Truthspeaker loses all his armor, leaving her very vulnerable with only 1 HP.

This isn't looking good at all. It's really going to come down to Adelade Brightwing taking out Living Lava with her magic attack. Hope we get there in time.

Round 3

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.16.14.png
Living Lava is down to 1 HP, ready to fall next turn. Xenith Archer loses its armor and they take out my Truthspeaker, weakening my entire team. On the plus side the repairs have kept Jared Scar at full health so far.

Round 4

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.18.37.png
We finally take out the Living Lava. In return they kill off my Xenith Archer and Jared Scar lost his Armor.

Round 5

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.21.55.png
Well, Living Lava is gone, but now there's the Disintegrator with its armor, which gets repaired every round by the Scavo Hireling. So again, my Jared Scar can't deal any damage and it's Adelade who has to do the work again...
Meanwhile their Tenyii Striker and Serpentine Spy chip away at my backline and take out the Herbalist. This is not going at all how I expected it.

Round 6

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.20.26.png
I'm down to 3 monsters. Adelade has Disintegrator at health finally ready to die next round and Jared Scar is still alive. Luckily the Serpentine Spy attacked Jared Scar, instead of Scavo Hireling. I really am depending on these repairs.

Round 7

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.25.00.png
Finally! Adelade takes out Disintegrator, pulling their Scavo Hireling in the first position and ready to get smacked by Jared Scar. First kill and up go the stats with Blood Lust. Now we're talking.
They did manage to take out my Scavo Hireling with the Sneak and Opportunity attack, though.

Round 8

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.28.08.png

Too late, though! Jared Scar is in full force taking out his next victim and gaining those stats. Adelade also takes quick care of the Serpentine Spy, leaving only the Tenyii Striker, who's attack just scratches Jared's armor.

Round 9

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.29.58.png
One last swift attack from Jared Scar for 7 damage instantly takes out the Tenyii Striker and secures the win!


Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-20 um 12.31.52.png
Whoa! Let me take a breather. This has to be the longest battle I've ever shared here. First things first: We won, haha. The strategy did work out in the end, even though it took a long time and Adelade Brightwing was definitely the real MVP here. Without here magic attack I would have never gotten through the Living Lava and Disintegrator. That's the big downside to having all your attack focused on one card, when they have armor and repair you just can't get through. In higher leagues this is where Piercing becomes very valuable.

Second thing I have to admit is, that I played with a legendary Summoner and partly maxed out cards for silver, where as my opponent played only level 1 cards. So in hindsight this wasn't my best performance. But then again, I wanted to try this Jared Scar all or nothing tactic. I definitely had a lot of fun and think you can build teams around Jared Scar that can be competitive.


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!1UP This is a situational card, but very effective and strong in specific rule sets! Good work!