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Hi guys,

the new Battle Challenge is out and the card for this week is Regal Peryton. Unfortunately I am no longer in possession of an earth deck, thus no leveled up Regal Peryton. However I still managed to make use of a level 1 copy at 2600 ranking in gold 1 and I'll show you how!

💥You can watch the full battle here!💥


The Card

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Regal Peryton is a magic attacking monster from the Chaos Legion Set. It only has one ability, Flying, which it gets from level one. What makes this card really good are its stats.

At level it already has 5 Speed and 6 Health, both of which increase as you level it up. Level 3 is a major level for the card, as it gets its second attack and then again level 8, where it gets its maximum of 3.

Due to the high speed and Flying ability the card is best used in either in the second position as an off-tank to defend against snipe attacks and take the first position, once your main tank dies. Or at the very last spot to defend against sneak attacks. Paired with Obsidian it also becomes a very lethal card, due to the magic attack buff.

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In terms of price Regal Peryton is in the upper third of Chaos Legion rare cards at currently $0.31 per BCX. If you play earth a lot and have a leveled up Obsidian this card is a must have. It might be the single best magic offense card for earth and has great synergies. Otherwise I recommend at least a level 3 (if you're playing in silver or above) to unlock the second attack.


The Ruleset

The rules for this battle were Equal Opportunity and Earthquake, with 50 mana and only Earth and Dragon playable.


The Line Up & Strategy

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Luckily there was dragon in the ruleset, because like I said, I don't own an earth deck anymore. Quix is my only dragon summoner so I used him.

For my tank I chose Pelacor Mercenary, because he has Flying and Heal, which makes him a perfect tank for Earthquake rulesets. In the second position I went with Void Dragon, again because it has Flying and won't be damaged by the Earthquake, but also, because with only earth and dragon available, chances were high my opponent might go for an earth magic team and then the Void from Void Dragon would come in handy. Next up is the Regal Peryton, simply because it has Flying and good stats (wish I had a level 3 copy for the extra attack). Then I put in the Whelp Herder, because it has Snare and can take away Flying from some enemy monsters. In the last two position I went with Chaos Dragon and Runic Skyclaw for some big damage (and also both have Flying).

My general idea was not to bother too much with the Opportunity rule, but rather go all in on the Earthquake and get as many flyers as possible, while also having some amount of damage.


The Battle

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My opponent also went for a Quix team with some big melee hitters and a Disintegrator to nerf my melee damage - luckily I didn't really bring any. On first glance I realized that they only had one flyer (Chaos Dragon), which is what I was kind of hoping for.

The battle starts with Runic Skyclaw hitting the Scavo Hireling, because Snipe has priority over Opportunity. Void Dragon and Regal Peryton then finished it off, because it was now the lowest health monster and thus target of their opportunity ability. My Chaos Dragon lands its attack on Carnage Titan, dealing blast damage to both Ureaus and Djinn Chwala, while their Chaos Dragon only hit my Pelacor Mercenary and dealt one blast damage to Void Dragon (due to the Void ability).

Carnage Titan takes out my Whelp Herder with its double strike, before it has a chance to attack, however. Since there was only one flyer on the enemy team this wasn't too painful. Uraeus hits my Skyclaws armor and Disintegrator misses its attack.

Both frontline tanks exchange blows and the Thorns leaves my Mercenary at 6HP.

Round 2

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All my monsters have Flying, so no Earthquake damage. The enemy monsters also don't take any health damage, because they all have armor, something I didn't notice at first glance.

Runic Skyclaw goes first and this time the Snipe unfortunately makes it target the Chaos Dragon, instead of the 1HP Uraeus. However, Void Dragon takes care of him immediately afterwards and Regal Peryton and Chaos Dragon both hit the Carnage Titan and take it down to 1HP.

Their Chaos Dragon hits my Regal Peryton, but the Carnage Titan misses both its attacks due to the speed difference and Flying ability (25% dodge chance against non flying monsters). Pelacor Mercenary heals himself back to full health and takes away the Djinn's armor, also taking 2 thorns damage in return, though. Djinn himself misses his attack, but Disintegrator hits a blow on Regal Peryton, leaving it severely wounded at 1HP.

Round 3

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The Earthquake again deals no damage to my monsters, but takes off some of the remaining armor off my opponent's.

Runic Skyclaw hits Chaos Dragon's armor again, but Void Dragon finishes off the Carnage Titan. Regal Peryton and Chaos Dragon also take care of the Djinn Chwala. Pelacor Mercenary sustains himself with the heal, tanking Chaos Dragon's hit easily and so does the Void Dragon behind him due to his Void ability. Disintegrator does manage to hit its attack and takes out my Regal Peryton, triggering its Trample ability and landing another hit on my Chaos Dragon.

Round 4

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With no armor and very little health, both the Chaos Dragon and the Disintegrator are being taken out by my monsters, before they can attack, due to the speed difference, securing the win for me!



My strategy worked really well. As so often people don't use the Flying ability in Earthquake rulesets enough and take uneccessary Earthquake damage. In the first round Runic Skyclaw's snipe ability was really strong, because it led to taking out Scavo Hireling before it could repair any armor. In the following rounds it was more of a burden however.

Even though they didn't bring too much magic damage, Void Dragon did do its job as an off-tank and taking out wounded opponents with its high speed. Same goes for Regal Peryton, who also dodged two times against Carnage Titan, which was absolutely huge! These two are a nice combo.

Chaos Dragon did what it does best - dropping bombs on the enemy and Pelacor Mercenary also stood his ground, healing himself up each round and slowly taking down the opposite tank.

As the win rate to the right shows, there wasn't a lot of luck involved, leaving me very happy with my line up and strategy.


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.


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