Battle Challenge with Temporal Master

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Hi guys, this weeks Battle Challenge is all about the Temporal Master. In this battle I show you how I used the card in gold league.

💥You can watch the full battle here!💥


The Card

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Temporal Master is a magic attacking monster from the Chaos Legion set. It is a very cheap card with low stats and two abilities.


  • Level 1 - Recharge
  • Level 6 - Stun

From level 1 on out it has Recharge, dealing tripple damage every other turn and at max level it also gets Stun. Level 4 is the minimum I would consider playing this card, because it gets its second magic attack.

Quite frankly this card is trash. Recharge is a very underwhelming ability as of right now and doesn't really find it's place in the meta. There are certain cards and scenarios where it can be powerful but overall most of the recharge monsters aren't being used. The problem with a monster like this is, that it has no real defensive stats so it's very difficult to get a recharge off. It then also has so little attack that when it hits, it doesn't even deal that much damage. In low mana battles, where you might want to use a cheap monster like that, you can't afford to only attack every other turn.
Stun is a nice ability to have but with a 50% chance of hitting and Temporal Master only attacking every other round you're not going to hit a lot of stuns.

Theres two rulesets where this card can be good:

  1. Back to Basics, where monsters lose all abilities and now you have a 3 mana 2 magic attack damage dealer, which is quite strong
  2. Equalizer, where every monster has the health of the highest health monster on the field, which gives Temporal Master a bit more survivability and chances to hit its 6 damage recharge hits

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Looking at the price Temporal Master sits on the throne of cheapest Chaos Legion epic at $0.279 per BCX currently, which also shows that there's not a lot of demand for it.


The Ruleset

The rules for this battle were Back to Basics and Explosive Weaponry with 15 mana and every splinter except Death available.


The Line Up & Strategy

As always in Back to Basics rule sets I like to go with Grandmaster Rathe, because magic is very strong in this rule set and Rathe is strong against magic. With only 15 mana that didn't leave me with too much left, but I went for a magic attacking team, because magic is superior to ranged as it can attack in the first position.

I put a Fiend in the first spot absorb a hit and Pelacor Conjurer behind it as my main tank. It's a cheap card with good Speed and Health. Behind that I used a Time Mage and the Temporal Master, both because they are cheap magic attackers with 2 magic damage.

Other than that there's really not that much strategy to it.


The Battle

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My opponent went for a Kelya team with Diemonshark as a big tank up front, a Fiend behind to absorb the blast damage and an Angelic Mandarin for some ranged attacks.

The Diemonshark goes first and takes off both the Fiend's and the Conjurer's armor in one hit through the blast damage. Angelic Mandarin then finishes the Fiend off.

Time Mage and Temporal Master deal 4 damage to the Diemonshark, ignoring it's armor with their magic attacks and taking out the Fiend behind through blast damage.

Round 2

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Diemonshark goes first again, taking Conjurer down to 3 HP and also taking away Time Mage's armor. Angelic Mandarin misses it's attack against the Conjurer, which is a little lucky.

Time Mage and Temporal Master go to work on Diemonshark taking it down to 2HP and also wounding the Mandarin.

Round 3

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Diemonshark does manage to take out the Conjurer and also leaves the Time Mage with 1 HP, however Time Mage takes out Diemonshark in return, pulling the Mandarin in the first spot where it can't attack and thus securing the win!



Well, to be honest this was quite the underwhelming battle and with a win rate of 100% there wasn't much room for excitement here. I did have a few other battles with Temporal Master, one with one of the new rule sets where every monster has Thorns, but unfortunately it didn't turn out as I thought and I lost that one.

There's no beating around the bush, the card isn't really good and it's difficult to incorporate it into a good line up. I hope I still managed to show how to use it effectively. That being said there's a spot for every card, but I don't think you need to get this one... I myself purely rented a level 4 copy for this challenge and to try out the card. Kinda glad I didn't purchase one now 😂


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.


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