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magic is one of the strongest types in Splinterlands and there are very powerful and effective line ups, especially with Alric or Obsidian. New player guides often tell you to use these builds and bots use them a lot as well. It can be quite difficult to counter them in the lower leagues, making it frustrating to play against them. Today I want to share with you a quick and easy way to counter magic teams with Thaddius Brood in the silver league. I'll talk about which cards to use and show you some battles.

Let's get right into it!


The Strategy

The main idea is very simple. Void is the best counter to magic, because it reduces the damage taken. This can work well with a heal Unicorn Mustang + Wood Nymph / Goblin Psychic. However there's Affliction and sometimes the magic damage is too much, even with the heals. So in order to make our Void tank absolutely invincible, we need Silence to further decrease the opponents magic damage. Here's where the death splinter and Thaddius Brood shine.

For our Silence cards we use:

Design ohne Titel (4).png

For our we Void tank we use one of these:

Design ohne Titel (5).png

Thaddius, Phantom Soldier and Death Elemental have 3 silences combined, reducing anything with 4 magic attack or less to 1 magic attack, which deals 0 damage against Void. In Silver league there is nothing that has more than 4 magic attack, even with Obsidian or Alric, so your tank literally becomes invincible.

Often times the opponent is playing a melee tank up front, which will deal "normal" damage to your Void tank, but both Onyx Sentinel and Lord Arianthus also have the Shield ability, reducing that damage as well and giving your own damage dealers enough time to take care of that one melee tank.



Let's check this out in an actual battle.

Bildschirmfoto 2022-07-21 um 11.41.14.png

Battle 1 - A common Obsidian Magic team with lot's of healing. As you can see, they all deal 0 damage to Onyx Sentinel.

Battle 2 - Another Obsidian team, this time we have the Target Practice ruleset, so all of their magic monster have Snipe. I simply used another tank in the first position and put my Void tank behind that, to take the Snipe hits.

Battle 3 - One last Obsidian team, this time with the Gargoya Lion as our tank, because it was an Earthquake battle. Worked just as well.

As you can see this strategy works extremely well against magic teams. But why?
Well there are very few magic monsters that have Opportunity, Sneak or Snipe, meaning they all usually attack the first position - our tank. This makes it possible for us to not worry about our back line and play these de-buffing monsters.



The strategy works very well and is easy to implement. Depending on your collection you might need to rent some or all of those cards, but compared to how many wins you get against magic teams, the cost is well worth it in my opinion. For me personally it's super fun to have a tank that takes literally zero damage.

Things to keep in mind

  • Opportunity, Sneak and Snipe can counter this strategy, so place your monsters accordingly, just in case
  • If there is a Blast ruleset, you can just play two of the Void tanks in first and second position or use Venator Kinjo
  • The main line up consinsts of 3 Monsters (Void Tank, Phantom Soldier, Death Elemental), there's still plenty of space to play your own big damage dealers
  • This strategy is intended for Wild format. It does work in Modern, but you can only reduce their magic attack by 2 (Thaddius and Death Elemental), which means anything with more than 3 magic attack will deal damage to your Void tank (very little though)
  • Gargoya Devil and Phantom Soldier have Flying, so this works well in Earthquake rulesets too

The are similar strategies for death with melee and ranged. Let me now if you liked this one and want me to write more posts like these about specific strategies.


None of this is financial advice. These tips are for educational purposes only and might all fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.



Start playing Splinterlands today!

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