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Hi guys,

the next legendary summoner for Chaos Legion was revealed and I want to go over its stats and possible strategies and utilities with other cards in this post. You can check out the official post here.


The Card


Like the other Chaos Legion legendary summoners Immortalis comes in at 6 mana. His abilities are:

  • Weaken (-1 Health)
  • Void (reduces magic damage by 50%)
  • Shatter (enemies hit will lose all their armor)

On first glance this seems a little underwhelming. -1 Health is almost always good, but there's card that have this ability and it's no game changer. Same goes for Shatter. It can be quit useful to get rid of high armor cards like Legionaire Alvar , but it's also no game changer. Void is by far the best ability and can has some great synergies with certain earth cards.

Overall the card is not necessarily bad, but also not a win condition by itself. I personally like that we aren't getting new Kitty's or Yodin's and Immortalis fits really well into the earth deck, it being this high health, sustainable splinter. The artwork is also really cool.



First and foremost this card is a counter to magic play and the only modern summoner that buffs magic attacks is Obsidian. With Grandmaster Rathe and also other cards that can sustain quite a bit of magic I feel like the "overpoweredness" of magic we used to see in the old days with Alric and Valnamor is gone in modern.

Non the less Void is still super strong on the following cards:

  • Pelacor Mercenary
  • Hill Giant
  • Mycelic Infantry
  • Grund
  • Mycelic Slipspawn

and makes these already good tanks even stronger.

The Weaken ability can be paired with other weaken abilities, like Djinn Biljka (gold and above) and Dr Blight (diamond) to drastically decrease the opponents health. This could be especially use full in Earthquake or Noxious Fumes battles, when paired with some cards that can gain health, like Venari Seedsmith and Dr Blight for example, to outlast the opponent.

Lastly Shatter has some interesting concepts where you play a fast magic attacker, like Regal Peryton, whose magic damage hits under the armor and deals health damage, but at the same time shatters the armor and sets the enemy monster up for a bigger attack to follow. This could be a Grund (which can make great use of the Shatter by itself with the Double Attack) or Uloth Dhampir for example.

Back to Basics - I also think the Back to Basics ruleset will be dominated by Immortalis, because magic attackers are by far the strongest monsters in this rule set and the Void will directly counter them. We already see a very high win rate for Grandmaster Rathe in this rule set, mostly because it does something similar to Void with the +1 Armor and Void Armor.



All in all I think they did a good job creating a card that has its use and can be strong in certain scenarios and match ups, but is not outright overpowered. In comparison to the other legendary summoners Rathe, Jacek and Possibilus, I do think this is probably the weakest together with Possibilus. Since earth tends to have really strong cards all around and is a very potent element that can do nearly anything (Damage, Tanks, Support cards) I think it's good to not make their legendary summoner super strong.

That being said I'm excited to see the card in battle and how it will influence the meta, as well as what its price will be on the market.


None of this is financial advice. These tips are for educational purposes only and might all fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.


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