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Which league are you playing in?

For Bronze I'd say you've got quite a few useful cards already and I would suggest to get epics and legendaries for 1-2 other splinters, because those are really strong at level 1.

For Earth: Queen Mycelia, Djinn Biljka, Fungus Fiend
For Water: Djinn Oshannus, Axe Master, Torrent Fiend
For Life: Venari Crystalsmith, Djinn Renova, Soul Fiend
For Dragon/Neutrals: Djinn Chwala, Uraeus, Spirit Hoarder

If you are playing in Silver or want to get there you will need some leveled up cards. Therefore you'll need summoners first. I would go with the Chaos Legion ones.

For Earth: Obsidian
For Water: Kelya Frendul
For Fire: Tarsa
For Life: General Sloan

Also keep in mind that with the upcoming season in 10 days the starter cards (all the cards you don't own, but are able to play) will decrease your earnings drastically. So if you use those a lot consider purchasing them first.