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Quick story

Ever since it was announced that Riftwatchers would only be purchasable with SPS, I got excited. I'm one of those guys who started Splinterlands right before the big hype in late 2021 and thought $0.40 / SPS was a good deal... I bought almost $1000 worth of SPS at that time, thinking I made a steal with the upcoming Voucher Airdrop for staking SPS and the belief SPS would go back up to a dollar.

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As you can see things turned out quite differently. The RW Pre Sale came around... aaand the Pre Sale was over. I didn't manage to get my hands on any packs. With the current SPS price of roughly $0.071 and packs requiring a Voucher throughout the entire sale, I didn't feel too good about RW anymore. After all I would have to spend a lot of my undervalued SPS and realize substantial losses. After carefully weighing my options though I felt that RW would probably sell out very fast, if the Pre Sale already sold out in like 2 minutes.

So I bought 60 Packs for a total of 4260 SPS + 60 Vouchers. Well, I'd mistaken again. See I thought the General Sale would start on September 27th and that there hadn't been any packs sold since the presale. The second I purchased those packs I realized that the General Sale had been going on since the 15th of September and that we had only sold about 200k packs in 12 days... I felt pretty stupid, because that meant people weren't as much into RW as I had anticipated and that the set wouldn't sell out any time soon.

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So here I am, holding 60 RW packs I purchased for roughly $5.4 each with my precious SPS and Vouchers, being at an instant loss. In terms of Airdrops 60 Packs isn't closely enough to get anything significant (I might get 1 or 2 Air Drops if I'm lucky).

What to do? Let's f*cking open those packs!

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I only had enough potions on my account to open 40 Packs, so that's what I did and WHAT THE FUCK I PULLED A GOLD FOIL LEGENDARY!

After all the strategizing and planning on what to do with my capital, essentially making a bad decision, I simply hit the luck button. I already sold 90% of the cards I pulled and when the GF Runemancer sells I'll be at a profit of $50 with 20 packs left and some Airdrop chances.

I gotta tell you I'm really tempted to buy another 60 packs, but my mind's telling me no, so I'll probably buy back my SPS and use some of the money to go for single cards.



I have no understanding of what's going to be meta so far, but for silver league this guy looks pretty insane to me. At level 4 he has good stats (3 damage with General Sloan, 4 Speed, 6 Health) plus Stun and Affliction for only 5 mana. Definitely going to pick up a max copy of this one and am really excited for the new set and how it will play out.


None of this is financial advice. This content is for educational purposes only and might fall out of date as both Splinterlands and the Crypto Market in general are subject to constant change.



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Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar

This is a very funny story an amazing GF legendary card you got, enjoy playing Splinterlands.