SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! Crystal Jaguar!


Hello everyone,

It is the weekends again and I have some time out of my holiday week to post for this week's battle challenge. Although the theme of the week is the Shadow Snitch, I shall opt to do Crystal Jaguar instead since it is a card that I use often.



THEME: Crystal Jaguar
Edition: UNTAMED
Rarity: COMMON
Element: LIFE
Attack: MELEE
Abilities: THORNS at Level 4, Retaliate at Level 9

The most notable skill of the Jaguar is the thorns that is very useful for a in a life deck against melee opponents


When hit with a Melee attack, Monsters with Retaliate have a chance of attacking their attacker. 50% chance of activation. Possibility of chain.

When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker, Has an upper cap of 2.

The Jaguar has a mana costs of 4 so it is always useful for low mana battles especially with low mana ruleset.

Let's move on to the battle, the ruleset for my battle was Equal Opportunity and Little League, with a high Mana cap of 44, but the mana cap is useless in this case, as the Little League rules only allows cards up to 4 mana to be used.


For such low mana ruleset, the life deck has some really nice low mana cards with good attacks! Since earth splinter is not in play, the danger from facing Mylor is eliminated. Though life deck might be weak against magic if the deck is melee intensive.


Positioning and Choice of Monsters

Tyrus Paladium
It gives a good +1 Armor that will be a boon for my jaguar. Special thanks to @Solymi for the kind card delegation


Crystal Jaguar in First Position:


Beware melee monsters!

Uraeus in 2nd Position:
I earned this card from loads of grind! Am proud of this card =)


Parasitic Growth in 3rd Position:

A nice card with 2 attacks and opportunity. Good for reverse speed actually.


Feral Spirit in 4th Position:


Low cost, but with good speed but low health so it is in the middle for some protection.

Elven Cutthroat in 5th:

Another low cost but high speed neutral card with sneak. Though with opportunity it is equally deadly.


And Venari Crystalsmith in last place! Hopefully with some heals to keep my jaguar alive and thorn-ing as much as possible.


Round 1:

In the first round, the quick attacks from feral spirit and the elven cutthroat takes down Kulu Swimhunter in two hits. Uraeus was attacked by Xenith Monk but the extra armor did a great job of protecting my Uraeus. But unfortunately the River Nymph killed of Uraeus with a single hit. Alric +1 Magic is a pain.

Nevertheless my Venari Crystalsmith and Parasitic Growth took revenge and killed off the Nymph. Sadly, next, Dr. Blight killed the Elven Cutthroat. The bad thing about low mana battles is that the monsters usually have quite low health.

Spineback turtle loses it's armor from attacking my Jaguar. Thorns is working!


Round 2:

In the 2nd round, Dr. Blight killed of my Parasitic growth. The speedy Feral Spirit managed to dodge some attacks and the Turtle is once more damaged by my Jaguar's attack and thorns. This round the pesky lobster's armor causes my team to not be able to take down any enemies.


Round 3:

In this round, Feral spirit 1st strike finally takes down the Sethropod aka "lobster"and finally Spineback Turtle dies from the Jaguar's attack and Thorns damage.


Round 4:

In round 4, the high health monk and Dr. Blight remains on the opposing team. The Monk gets damaged by thorns again and a hit from the Feral spirit. One last ranged attack from Crystalsmith takes down the turtle. In fact, thanks to healing from Crystal smith, the Jaguar managed to survive till now.


Round 5:

In this final round, only Dr. Blight is left. Combined attack from Jaguar, Feral Spirit and Crystalsmith finally takes down the Dr. which has so far been unharmed.




What do I like about Crystal Jaguar most:

The THORNS! and the low cost mana and of course decent health with armor

What I do not like?

None so far!

What I do not like?
Final thoughts, maybe I should try slotting in a Crystal Werewolf to reduce magic attacks from the opponent. The opponent magic attacks is truly quite dangerous at times.


I have not posted much on the daily rewards quests mainly because I haven't been getting any great loots. Do follow me and I try to post more exciting battles in future if time permits. I hope I will get some Chaos legion packs from the chests!

If anyone has not signed up with the game feel free to use my referral link and if you put your comment below I will send you a gift worth the credits received from my end.

I wish everyone a...


@splinterlands @play2earn

Let me know if you have any thoughts one what could be a great addition to this deck.


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