Splinterlands Share Your Battle Challenge! Supply Runner! Good Speed, Good Attack!

Hello fellow Splinterlanders!

In today's post I will be writing about a neutral monster which is the Supply Runner card

I will be showcasing two battles this time around.

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THEME: Supply Runner Edition: CHAOS LEGION
Rarity: COMMON
Element: NEUTRAL
Attack: RANGED
Abilities: Switfness @ Level 5, Strengthen @ Level 10

Card's Thoughts

The Supply Runner is a neutral ranged card that has good speed and a nice ranged attack of 2 even at the initial levels. The speed and the attack value makes this a good card to use in the low level range. Swiftness at level 5 might be an interesting buff to evasion / speed based team.



PIX21's Fictional Lore

The Supply Runner is a group of Gnomes or Drawrfs who simply loves adventuring in the depths of the Chaos caverns and mines. They are well known for their speed, darting around in the mines on their feet or swooshing around in their minecart (refer to the image above). Their distinct features will be their short stature, beards, and the usual monocle on one of their eyes, always looking out for that rare minerals. From time to time, they unearth dark energy crystals or rarely splinter shards for their masters. To hire their service, a sprinkle of gold is usually good enough as they are not a race who can resist the charms of gold, and everything shiny.



DO NOT USE Supply Runner for the following ruleset:

image.pngSupply Runner is a speedy monster, so don't use when the speed is reversed
image.pngRanged attacks can't be used
image.pngSupply Runner can't fly!

USE Supply Runner for the following ruleset:

image.pngYou can't miss, excellent
image.pngQuite alright as Supply Runner doesn't really have any abilities at low level
image.pngThis is great because supply runner can attack in first position
image.pngSupply runner is an even mana card (6)
image.pngNice to mix blast and ranged.
image.pngMelee and ranged only and Supply Runner has decent attack
image.pngExcellent, as Supply Runner will have the snipe ability.
image.pngSince supply runner doesn't have any armor anyway.
image.pngMelee attackers can't be used so it's good to use Ranged and Magic attackers, in this case Supply Runner at the back.

Ruleset & Mana Cap

Let's move on to the first battle showcase, the ruleset for my battle is Back to Basics and Close Range.

image.pngLowest speed monsters attack first
image.pngRanged attack monsters can attack from the first position


Based on the following ruleset my strategy is to utilize a summoner that boosts ranged attackers and at the same time, grants ability to my monsters. That summoner is none other than the famed Yodin Zaku. In brawls, bear in mind, a lot of guild love to lock out that card from the opponent.

I will be using a lot of ranged attack cards and the speed supply runner will be one of them


Positioning and Choice of Monsters

Summoner: Yodin Zaku


This summoner grants the Blast ability to all my monsters, adds 1 health to all and increases all ranged attacks by 1. Only using a level 1 summoner, but bear in mind this is a legendary summoner

1st Position: Scorch Fiend


At zero mana, this is a perfect card for this low mana battle. The fiend shall be my tank for the 1st round, to tank hopefully one or two hits.

2nd Position: Imp Bowman


Another low mana card with decent speed. It only costs 2 mana for this card, although it only has 1 ranged attack.

3rd Position: Ferexia General


Sadly with this ruleset, snipe is lost, but this card has decent health and 2 ranged attack.

4th Position: Lava Spider


This card has decent speed and 1 ranged attack. Health is also decent (5) for a low mana costs of just 3.

5th Position: Fire Beetle


Another great card, it's basically lava spider but even better as it has 2 ranged attack.

6th Position: Supply Runner


And finally the theme of this challenge, our supply runner. Mana cost is 6 but it has decent +2 ranged, and it's really speedy. For this ruleset, this card is perfect as it's without any ability anyway at level 3


BATTLE Commentary

Round 1:

Let's look at the lineup. The opponent is a level 1 Bortus, and his cards are mostly water cards. Thankfully! Since I am using Yodin, and I do not have any magic attack monsters, Bortus does not affect any of my lineup.

At the start of the round, Scorch Fiend was taken down in a hit by Djinn Oshannus. Ouch! Thankfully blood for blood, and my supply runner helped me to exact some sweet revenge. A hit of 3 (2 + 1) ranged, hits the furious chicken, and the blast effect took down the opponent's ooze. Two kills, well done Supply Runner.

The enemy prismatic energy fired at Imp Bowman, but thanks to the additional health, Bowman survives. Bowman is able to attack the enemy's torrent fiend and the blast damages the long health Baakjira.

Without anymore attack monsters from the opponent, my monsters, starting with Ferexia General, Lava Spider and finally Fire Beetle unleashes their salvo of attacks greatly inflicting damages to Prismatic Energy and Baakjira.


Round 2:

Continuing on to Round 2, Imp Bowman was killed by Djinn Oshannus. Probably might have been better if I put a higher health monster like Lava Spider in 2nd position. I learn from mistakes!

Once more Supply Runner deals a heavy blow to Baakjira, killing it. Ferexia General then kills the Prismatic Energy with it's +3 attack. Lava Spider attacks Oshannus but Fire Beetle misses!


Round 3:

In the 3rd round, Ferexia survives the hit from Oshannus. Supply Runner hits Oshannus squarely without missing, and the finishing blow was delivered by Ferexia General.




Quite a speedy victory I would say, with most of my cards still alive at the end!



Additional Battles I - Won

ıllıllı⭐🌟 L͙I͙N͙K͙ T͙O͙ B͙A͙T͙T͙L͙E͙ 2͙ 🌟⭐ıllıllı

In this battle, the ruleset is Unprotected and Keep your Distance. We can see that there will not be armors to protect against Ranged Attacks and melee attackers cannot be used.


My strategy is to use some speedy ranged attackers, and magic attacks with silence, and also to throw in some Magic Reflect.

BATTLE Commentary for Additional Battles I

For this battle I am up against a level 2 Obsidian. My summoner, the Lvl 5 Thaddius Brood is a great fit, as my summoner reduces all magic attacks from the opponents. That couple with the "Silence" effect from my phantom soldier. I am using a mix of Magic and ranged attackers.

In round 1, the attack from Lira focuses on Mycelic Slipspawn due to the Taunt ability. The opponent's magic attackers are mostly damaged by Prismatic Energy magic reflect.

With all attacks focused on the Slipspawn, halfway through round 1 it was killed by the combination attack from Supply Runner, Mantoid, Phantom Soldier and ironically the killing blow is actually a magic reflect from its own attack on Prismatic Energy.

The other enemy monster continue to attack Prismatic Energy but all of them received damage in return.


In round 2, Venari Spellsmith was taken down my the opportunistic strike from Lira. The speedy Supply Runner hits Failed Summoner nicely and kills it without any backlash.

Regal Peryton was thereafter killed my the Phantom Soldier +3 attack. Elven Mystic was killed by Ancient Lich in 1 blow.

Although the enemy Goblin Psychic is the sole card left and it tries to heal, that is not enough. Though the Psychic is able to take down Prismatic Energy, the Psychic was taken down by Lira in Round 3.


And once more another victory which is quite clean. Only Prismatic Energy was killed on my side




Is it cheap?


For a level 1 it is going for 0.13 usd per card. In USD terms this is quite cheap but the USD to CP ratio for this card is not the best. So I would say this is not that cheap in comparison to all the other neutral cards out there in terms of CP to Cost Ratio.

I might consider Gem Meteor as another alternative which is cheaper and also speedy, but you need level 3 to have 2 ranged attack.

Another alternative I like is,

But bear in mind that the Mantoid is a more expensive neutral card. Gem Meteor is cheaper.

What do I like about Supply Runner most:

The nice thing is the speed, and the high early ranged attacks. You get 2 attacks at a very early level.

What I do not like?

For 6 mana costs to be honest, my preference is more to the Mantoid card as Mantoid has excellent synergy with Yodin Zaku. I like the card, but there are alternatives that I can use besides Supply Runner. However the card is a decent card as it was not difficult at all to incorporate into my gameplay.

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Word of the day to end the battle challenge looking at the state of the current Cryptoverse would be

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