My Second Season Rewards

As I have started playing Splinterlands a mere 17 days ago I just had my second season rewards!

I am still in the bottom of Bronze, mostly because of a lack of collection power, we'll get there I guess. Slow and steady wins the race right?

So I opened my 5 precious chests and this is what I got:

To be honest I am still not really sure what these potions can do for me, so getting them has been a bit frustrating haha. I am happy with any card I can get though to increase the power of my collection, no matter how small the difference might be!

So for this season I will be grinding on, doing battles, investing the DEC slowly into making my collection and getting to the end of the season. It seems that if you don't want to put money into it at the beginning, the grind is the only way to go. But that's ok, I can be patient!

Hope you all had a nice season and good rewards!



That's how it goes, keep your head up and battle on. Those potions are used when opening card packs, you'll want to have 5 legendary and 5 alchemy potions per card pack, because one of each is used per card in the pack. Hopefully you can put those pots to use on some Chaos Legion packs here soon.


Keep up the good fight, don't get discouraged when you lose, and most of all have fun!