4 Tricks to Win more with Equalizer ruleset


When this ruleset comes about, here's 4 tips to win more games.

Let's start with this one:

1. Focus fire on 1 position.

Equalizer ruleset

The initial Health of all Monsters is equal to that of the Monster on either team with the highest base Health.

One thing to keep in mind is that since everyone's health will be the same, you are much more likely to WIN if you focus all your fire on 1 monster at a time.

Either all sneak, all snipe, or all on the tank. Opportunity wont matter much since everyone's health is the same, the weakest monster will be the one your other monsters are attacking.

Here's an example

This is from an Untamed bronze level tournament so there's a high likelyhood that 2 people may choose very similar cards.

In this case, the only difference is the choice of Ice Pixie for Coral Wraith.

Normally, I'd say Coral Wraith was a much better choice but with Equalizer turned on, the only difference here was that the coral wraith attacked the back with sneak while the Ice Pixie attacked the tank with everyone else.


By sneaking the back all alone, he was only able to attack the harpoonist in the back 4 times which wasn't enough to kill it.

2. Let your opponent choose the biggest health monster
This gives you an edge on mana that you can use as health is one of the factors calculated in how much mana something costs. Especially in low mana battles, if you can feed of the health from one of your opponent his cards you almost always will end up as a winner.

3. Heal
Use cards with heal because it is done as a % of the total health. Low health cards will get 2 heal each round while high health cards can get healed with 4 extra life. If your opponent chooses something with 10 health, you'll really get a big boost!

4. Use Specific cards that have low health as their trade off
Exploding Dwarf does good damage and has blast but low health. Other cardshave the Life Leach ability like the Vampire and normally need you get get multiple hits off successfully in order to gain health.

Hopefully this helps you better craft a strategy to win more games in equalizer.

Want to see what wins the most? I'm developing a tool where once you start a battle, you can see a list of highest % win builds for that battle's manacap and ruleset using only the cards you have.

If you'd like to become a beta tester, join this Discord channel


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