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The Djinn Inferni is an epic fire unit that deals heavy magic damage but has relatively lower health. But it comes with good speed and a powerful Giant Killer ability that deals double damage to monsters costing more than 10 mana. This comes in handy in high-range mana battles.

Its 3 magic damage and good speed make it a great asset that adds to the offensive capability of the lineup. But it lacks defensive aspects as it does not have any armour, rather it has just 4 hp of its own at level 2.

This is the reason I prefer to use it in the back of my lineup. Let's see where exactly I placed it.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

SummonerTarsa+1 melee, +1 health
Position 1Radiated ScorcherShatter
Position 2Magma TrollReach
Position 3Scorch FiendNo ability
Position 4Serpentine SpyOpportunity
Position 5Djinn InferniGiant Killer

This was just a 19-mana battle and I have to be very efficient with my mana use. I used Tarsa as my summoner as she gave all my monsters +1 melee damage and +1 health. This was a standard battle with no modifications to the ruleset.

I used Radiated Scorcher as my first card in the lineup. I could not afford a strong tank at the front so I went for this. It only costs 1 mana but has 2 health so it can take a couple of hits. It also came with a nice ability called shatter that can break the shield of the monster it hits. I did not expect much from it but still, it played its part well.

In the next position, I placed the Magma Troll, another melee monster which cost only 4 mana. I used it in the second position as it has a reach ability that allows it to attack even from this position.

Next came the Scorch Fiend, a zero mana card that I inserted here to shield my next monsters in the lineup. I thought about placing it in the front of the lineup but then Magma Troll would not have worked so well. I just used it as a punching bag that will take one or two (if lucky) hits.

In the next position, came the Serpentine Spy, another low costing melee-attacker that comes with one of my favourites abilities, opportunity, which attacks the weakest monster among the enemy lineup and most times weak health monsters have good attacking strength and are placed at the end of the lineup. So, this card can be a game changer in eliminating them easily. It has good attacking strength and speed as well.

Last but not least was the Djinn Inferni. As stated earlier, it is one of the best attackers in fire splinter. It deals with 3 magic attacks with great speed. Although it has low health and powerful ability that can deal double damage to only monsters costing more than 10 mana. This condition makes this ability useful against most lineups, especially in low-mid-range mana battles.

Let's talk about my strategy for this game.

My Strategy

My strategy was simple, it focused on using a weaker tank at the front of the lineup and using most of the mana in improving the attacking strength. This strategy has its own risk as well. If your tank doesn't survive for long then your weaker monsters are susceptible to damage and can backfire. But if they hold for at least one round, then the battle will be finished quickly as we focused more on offence.

It is a simple strategy that works well with low to mid-range mana battles.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.


Round 1 was very successful for me. My opponent also used weak tanks as well. But they got down in one shot while my Radiated Scorcher took a couple of heavy hits. By the end of this round, my opponent's cards were not looking great and another one was on the brink of defeat.


Round 2 was even worse for my opponent, they lost two back-to-back cards and while I had 4 more standing. But by the end of this round, my Magma Troll also got eliminated.

Now it was their Regal Peryton against my three cards. It was looking hopeless for my opponent.

ROUND 3 & 4

We both knew what will be the result but the Regal Peryton put up some fight, its flying ability and better speed helped it stay longer for another round. But the defeat was inevitable and finally, it crumbled under heavy attack from my side.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my Strategy worked well in this battle. Although I feel like I could have improved the position of some of my cards. For example, the Scorch Fiend did not attack even after having 2 melee attacking strengths in this battle.

Do you like the DJINN INFERNI? Why or why not?

I am not sure, to be honest, its giant killer ability is pretty much useless against 90 per cent of the monsters. But it still has great attacking strength and good speed. The only downside I see with this card is its high cost and low health. So, yeah... I am not sure if I like this one.

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