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Before the chaos gate opened, the towering city of Darkholde was peaceful and quiet. Situated in the cold, Blackworth mountain range, it was presided over by a long-standing noble family and governed by Baron Kutziq Neculai. If the citizens knew the truth about their governor, then maybe they wouldn’t have been so loyal, but the Baron’s tastes were sated with great restraint and he truly did care for them, taking only what he must and never more than he had to. For Kutziq was a vampire, a race as ancient as the stones they’d used to build the city. A man who loved his people in many ways, including their unique flavour.

Soul Strangler is a low-cost, heavy-hitting ranged unit that can deal 2 damage but has very low health of 2 hp. Because of its low mana cost, it can be easily used in so many battle compositions.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

SummonerThaddius Brood-1 Magic, -1 Health
Position 1Giant ScorpionNo ability
Position 2Shadow SnitchReach
Position 3Silent Sha-viSneak
Position 4MaggotsOpportunity
Position 5Undead BadgerSneak
Position 6Soul StranglerNo ability

I used Thaddius Brood as my summoner which gave reduced 1 health and 1 magic damage away from enemy monsters. It was a 25 mana cost battle and was a standard game with no modifications to the ruleset.

I placed the Giant Scorpion in the first position as my cheap tank. I used as in place of a proper tank to save mana for attacking monsters. Although it doesn't come with any abilities but proved to be a useful tank.

In the next position, came the Shadow Snitch. It is another melee attacker that has reach ability which allows it to even attack from the 2nd position in my lineup. I utilized its ability and placed it here. I knew my primary tank won't last for long. As it has 5 health points it can work as a tank if needed.

In the 3rd position, I placed the Silent Sha-vi, one of my favourite units from the entire game. Its stats are so well balanced, 5 health, 2 melee attacks and 3 speeds that can be used as a powerful attacking weapon. It comes with sneak ability which allows it to be placed anywhere in the lineup and still able to attack.

In the fourth position, I placed the Maggots, a very low-cost unit costing just 1 mana but has an interesting ability of opportunity which strikes only the weakest monsters from the enemy team. Because of its low health, I had to make sure to properly place it in between and not expose it at the ends of the lineup.

In the next position came the Undead Badger, another low-costing unit with sneak ability allowing it to attack monsters from the back of the enemy lineup. It is useful in the surprising enemy as usually many weaker cards are placed at the end of the lineup at my level.

In the last position, I placed the Soul Strangler. It was the only monster with a ranged attack. I placed it in the last position to maximise its striking ability.

My Strategy

I saw my opponent using mages heavily in their attacks. So, I used Thaddius Brood as my summoner which helped in this battle. My strategy was to use a cheaper tank in the front and surprise the opponent with opportunistic and sneak attacks. And it paid off. My opponent used a heavy magic attack and I planned against it in advance.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.


My opponent used a magic heavy attack and used a very heavy tank in the first place, unlike my weak tank. At the start of the round, Undead Badger eliminated the Chaos agent and my monsters launched a heavy attack on the back of the lineup which resulted in the elimination of a powerful mage without allowing it to strike even once.

Soon, Mycelic Morphoid also fell off from the lineup resulting in only two monsters at the end of Round1 while all my monsters were still up and standing. Even my tank was still standing. It was a surprise even to me. I knew at this point that the battle is effectively over.


Round2 was no surprise to me. Five against only two units was not looking good, but it seems to me that my opponent made a slight comeback and eliminated my tank. Both Regal Peryton and Unicorn Mastang took a heavy beating and were almost down at the end of the round.


No surprise either in this round. It was one-way traffic and my monsters soon eliminated both the remaining units and got me one of the most comfortable wins.

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

Yes, my strategy of using a low mana tank and cheaper cards with sneak and opportunity abilities worked well in my favour.

Do you like the Soul Strangler? Why or why not?

Yes, it is a useful ranged attacker. As it cost only 3 mana, it can be used in even low mana battles and can be used in different compositions.

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Congrats for the victory bro.⚔️⚔️

Soul strangler is realy good troops it has also very low cost. Information gathered form queenstarr's post🤪


Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice post but don't need to copy paste the lore writing in post. 🙂


Ah, Okay... I will keep that in mind. 👍🏻


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