Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Trying new Card - Coral Wraith

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I have always loved the water cards and to strengthen my water deck I started browsing water cards on the splinterlands market page. One card got my attention. It had the perfect combination of sneak ability and magic damage. I love both in this game.

I am talking about Coral Wraith, which is an epic water unit that deals with magic attacks. I rented out the card to test it in my battles and it was worth it.

Let's see how I used this card in my battle, but first, let's discuss about its stats in detail.

Coral Wraith


As stated earlier, it is an epic water unit capable of dealing with magic attacks and comes with a sneak ability. It costs only 4 mana but deals with 2 magic attacks and has good speed (3) but has low health. It provided me extra 800 power.

I lived its stats a lot, the combination of magic damage and sneak ability makes it a perfect unit for me. It doesn't cost much mana so can be used in low-high range mana battles.

Let's see where I placed it in my lineup.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

Keyla Frendul
+1 speed +1 shield
Position 1
Torrent Fiend
No ability
Position 2
Flying Squid
Position 3
Water Caller
Position 4
Coral Wraith
Position 5
Venari Wavesmith
Position 6
Ice Pixie

This was a standard battle with no modifications to the ruleset. It was a 27-mana cap battle and I could choose my lineup with great freedom. I chose the Keyla Frendul as my summoner that gives +1 armour and +1 speed to all the friendly monsters.

In the first position, I placed the Torrent Fiend, it was a zero mana card and I placed it in front of the lineup to fill all my card slots. I didn't expect much from this card but it absorbed a few blows and helped the team.

In the second position, Flying Squid came with its reach ability. So, it can even attack from this position. I used it as my tank and it performed that duty well. It has 8 hp and does heavy melee attacks with decent speed. So, it is a great card for both offensive and defensive approaches.

Next came the Water Caller, I found this card very late but it has become one of my favourites quickly, this comes with a stun ability that has a chance to freeze any monster from attacking in that round. It is very effective against heavy-hitting monsters and tanks. It can win matches single-handedly.

In the next position, I placed Coral Wraith. I placed it in this position to shield it from enemy attack as it has only 3 hp health. But it has great attacking strength. It does 2 magic damage and has sneak ability that allows it to surprise my opponents and attack from the end of the lineup rather than the front of the lineup.

In the fifth position, came the Venari Wavesmith, one of the most important cards in my lineup. It provided extra 2 armour to all my monsters which helped me win this battle easily. Combined with my summoner's armour each monster on my lineup had at least 3 armour and is a tough job to get through those with melee attacks.

At last, I placed Ice Pixie. It only costs 2 mana and deals magic damage. So, it was a great candidate when I only had 2 mana left in the bank. This also comes with a flying ability that increases the chance of evading incoming attacks.

Now my lineup was all set and it was time for battle.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.

My Strategy

My strategy was to use heavy magic attacks while giving extra armour to all my units as mages have relatively lower health.

My summoner- Keyla Frendul gave me an extra shield while **Venari Wavesmith gave me two extra shields and this helped me get great defensive strength as well.

Other than that, my tank did a great job of stopping enemy attacks for a long time.

Round 1

I was happy to see my opponent use a heavy ranged attack against me. I thought it would be easy to win this one. Round 1 started with my Torrent Fiend going down with just one strike from a mage. Other than this unit going down my Flying Squid took all the damage.

My opponent also had +2 armour to each of their monsters but it didn't matter much to my magic attacks.

Round 2

Round 2 was a much better round for me. My Coral Wraith did its job by eliminating the last card from the enemy lineup easily. Later in the round, their tank also got eliminated and also my Torrent Fiend got down after taking a heavy beating and doing its job perfectly for two whole rounds.

Round 3 & 4

Round 3 was an easy round for me. I still had all of my mages inflicting heavy damage while my opponent had only 3 and one of those gets constantly stunned by my Water Caller.

Round 4 was just a formality and we both knew what the result is going to be. I will say that the trio of Water Caller, Coral Wraith and Venari Wavesmith was unstoppable in this match and they complemented each other perfectly.


Coral Wraith is a great find for me, I will be using it again in my battles, costing only 4 mana it can be used in multiple compositions.

Its sneak ability is a great weapon that helps me surprise my opponents, especially in lower leagues. I will be using it with multiple strategies in the future.

Let me know what are your thoughts about this card. Do you have any strategy that you implement against magic attacks?

Thanks for reading...

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