Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Trying new Card - DJINN OSHANNUS

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This is the start of a brand new season and what better way to start the season than doing some experimenting? I went on the market page and my eyes caught the glimpse of this water card, which I thought would work nicely for my tank in higher mana battles.

I am talking about Djinn Oshannas, which is a legendary water unit that deals magic attacks and has a lot of health.

Let's see how I used this card in my battle, but first, let's discuss its stats in detail.

Djinn Oshannus

Void, Phase

It is one of the best tanks in the water unit. Being a legendary mage, it deals 2 magic attacks with great speed (5) and has good health of 11 hp at level 2. It also comes with two useful abilities: Void (reduce damage from magic attacks), Phase (even magic attack can miss).

It easily justifies that 8 mana cost with its impressive stats and nice abilities. It has both attacking and defensive capabilities. Reduced damage attack and a huge amount of health make it a perfect candidate for a tank in my battles.

Let's focus on my lineup.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

Keyla Frendul
+1 speed +1 shield
Position 1
Djinn Oshannus
Void, Phase
Position 2
Hardy Stonefish
No ability
Position 3
Water Caller
Position 4
Coral Wraith
Position 5
Venari Wavesmith

This was a standard battle with no modifications to the ruleset. It was a 27-mana cap battle and I could choose my lineup with great freedom. I chose the Keyla Frendul as my summoner that gives +1 armour and +1 speed to all the friendly monsters.

In the first position, I chose the Djinn Oshannus (no surprises here). It is one of the beefiest cards in the game and with its large amount of health and void ability, no doubt it can perform better than in this position. It also came with a Phase ability that allows it to miss even the magic attacks.
Also, it has impressive attacking strength, doing 2 magic damages with great speed.

In the second position, I placed the Hardy Stonefish. I had not had much expectation with this card tbh. I just had one mana left and the best I could get with that is this. I thought about placing it at the end as there is a good tank in the front already and maybe it can be used better in the last again sneaky monsters who attack from the end of the lineup.

Next came the Water Caller, I found this card very late but it has become one of my favourites quickly, this comes with a stun ability that has a chance to freeze any monster from attacking in that round. It is very good against heavy-hitting monsters and tanks as it can freeze their heavy attacks and mess with their attacks completely.
In the next position, I used Coral Wraith, another card that I like a lot and which I found recently. It comes with a sneak ability that allows it to attack at the end of the lineup. This abnormal flow of attack is enough to surprise opponents and many times players place their weaker cards at the end of the lineup and this is effective against that.

In the last position, came the Venari Wavesmith, one of the most important cards in my lineup. It gave an extra 2 armour to all my units. Combined with my summoner's armour each monster on my lineup had at least 3 armour and is a tough job to get through those with melee attacks. And my opponent used a heavy melee attack against me.

Now my lineup was all set and it was time for battle.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.

My Strategy

My strategy revolved around my tank Djinn Oshannus who would hold the lineup while my heavy magic attack will crush down their units. I went on almost exclusively for the magic attack.

Also, a big part of my strategy was to give extra armour to all my units and Venari Wavesmith and Keyla Frendul both helped in doing that exactly. Every unit on my side had at least 3 armour to start with.

Round 1

I was delighted to see my opponent using a heavy melee attack against me. They also used the Keyla Frendul but its extra armour would be useless against my magic attack.

Round 1 was back and forth, while my units were lowering their health they were struggling against my extra armour. By the end of this round, their tank was much weaker while I just lost my shield.

Round 2

At the start of this round, their Serpent of Eld, who should be holding this fort, got eliminated and worse their ice pixie also got eliminated afterwards. While my tank was still performing well and holding the lineup strong.

Round 3 & 4

It was clear at the start of this round that it will be a decisive victory for me. Nothing went well for my opponent in this battle. Right from choosing the summoner to the bad rng, they didn't even stand a chance against my mages.

I crushed the last few cards easily they were non-attacking cards anyways. My opponents just focused heavily on the first two cards in his lineup and once they got destroyed quickly, they had no chance in that battle.


Djinn Oshannus is a powerful tank that has impressive attacking strength as well. No doubt it deserves to be a legendary unit.

I will be using more of it, especially in high-range mana battles (25+ mana). I don't think I have used a better mage who can work this well as a tank. It is a great find for me.

Let me know what are your thoughts about this card. Do you have any strategy that you implement against magic attacks?

Thanks for reading...

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