Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! Trying new Card - TORHILO THE FROZEN


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We have the start of another season and we will start this season with a lot of experimenting that quest brought me to a new water unit called Torhilo the Frozen. I have never played with this epic water unit. It seems to have good stats as well.

Let's see how I used this card in my battle, but first, let's discuss its stats in detail.

Torhilo the Frozen


Torhilo the Frozen is an epic unit that deals 4 melee damage at level 2 and has impressive defensive capabilities. It has 9 health and comes with 5 shields as well. It also comes with a nice ability, void...which helps him take less damage from magic attacks.

Although, its high cost can make it highly risky to use in low-range mana battles. But it is overall a great asset which has both offensives as well as defensive capabilities. It should work best in high-range mana battles.

It should be obvious that the best position to place it is at the front as it can soak in those heavy attacks easily. Let's now focus on my lineup.

My Lineup

This is my lineup for the battle

Keyla Frendul
+1 speed +1 shield
Position 1
Torhilo the Frozen
Position 2
Water Caller
Position 3
Venari Wavesmith
Position 4
Ice Pixie
Position 5

It was a 26-mana cap battle and I could choose my cards with some freedom as I like high-range mana battles. I used the Keyla Frendul as my summoner, giving all my monsters extra armour and speed. The ruleset was "trempede".

In the first position, I used the Torhilo the Frozen for obvious reasons. It is one of the best tanks from the water deck as it has an ample amount of health and shield on its own. Also, its void ability helps it take less damage from magic attackers.

In the second position, I used the Water Caller, which comes with a stun ability that has a chance to freeze any monster from attacking in that round. It is very good against heavy-hitting monsters and tanks as it can freeze their heavy attacks and mess with their attacks completely. It complimented my tank beautifully. It is very useful in high-range battles and I rarely miss the chance to use it.

In the next position, I used the Venari Wavesmith, one of my favourite water units that deal magic damage. The most important reason to use this is for its protect ability that gives all my monsters extra 2 shields. Combined with my Summoner all my monsters had at least three shields to start with. Also, it deals magic damage and I was going for heavy magic damage in this battle.

Ice Pixie came in the next position, one of my favourite cards from the entire game. It costs just 2 mana but comes with flying ability that makes it survive longer despite its very low health. Also, it got extra protection from my summoner and Vineri Wavesmith. So, it was a no-brainer to use this in my battle.

In the last position, I used the Albatross. It costs only 1 mana and I used it to give extra protection to my Ice Pixie as it had low health. As you will see in the battle, it helped and soaked a few major blows from the enemy team.

Now my lineup was all set and it was time for battle.

I will share my battle here, which I have uploaded to YouTube.

My Strategy

My strategy was simple, I wanted to use a strong tank in the front while my mages deals heavy magic damage from afar. Torhilo the Frozen was a perfect candidate for a tank for this strategy. It had great health and armour. Also, it came with a void ability making it difficult for mages to defeat it.

Also, I made sure to give extra armour to all my monsters and my summoner along with Venari Wavesmith helped me achieve this... all my monsters had at least 3 shield, to begin with.

Round 1 & 2

I was happy to see Tarsa as my opponent's summoner as they focused on melee damage and I had enough armour to deal with that. They even used a weaker tank in the form of Antoid Platoon. It got eliminated by the end of round 1 while all my units were still standing courtesy of the extra armour.

My Albatross took a few hits before dying, it worked better than I expected. So, after round 2, it was looking better for me but still, nothing was clear.

Round 3 & 4

Round 3 went in my favour as their Disintegrator went down easily without doing much damage. My Water Caller was doing great and stunned their tank. It was just perfect and they had a bad time dealing with that.

Soon, another one bites the dust while all my attacking monsters were still standing and breathing fire upon my opponent. I was confident after the end of round 4 and it looked bad for them.

Round 5 & 6

Round 5 started with the demise of Tenyii Striker and now all hope was lost from the opponent's camp. It was just a matter of time now. 2 weak units against 4 strong attackers was too much to ask.

I won easily at the end, didn't realise it would be that easy after a tight round 1.

My Ice Pixie was still standing and the placement of Albatross was just perfect from my side.


Torhilo the Frozen is a powerful unit that can work for both offensive and defensive approaches. It deals with heavy melee attacks and comes with great health and armour/shield. It also has the void ability to deal with mages as well.

The only downside of using this unit is its high mana cost. So, just be careful when using it with low mana battles. I recommend using it with high-range mana battles like I used in this battle.

Let me know what are your thoughts about this card.

Thanks for reading...

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