Quora! Quora! Quora! My 1st Brawls with Quora the Destrora!


A couple of days ago I wrote about my most exciting Gladius pack opening - it was not a Gold Foil or a Legendary, but an Epic monster that got me so excited. Her name is Quora and I am in love.

Anyway, I am an OK brawler, let's quantify that as me winning around 60% of my matches, plus or minus depending on whether I am also playing against other small deck holders or whether big time renters or stackers stoop into my novice frays for easy wins with their Level 3 Legendary swarms of Llamas, Kitties, and various Grums, Kronks, and scary merfolks and eyeballs.

In all my brawls I have only beaten a lineup with Quora one time, I think. Maybe it happened more often before I was tracking this card, but I kind of doubt it. But I usually just skip to results if I see my opponent has lined up with Quora.

So you can imagine how badly I wanted to see what she could on my team of wimps!

We will get to that in just a moment. There are upsides and downsides to Quora - mostly because this card is a soul-bound Gladius card, so it cannot be traded or bought, it can only be pulled in a Gladius pack, which can only be earned by competing in Guild brawls. This is a couple layers deep, then, into the Splinterlands gameplay experience, but I would absolutely encourage everyone to get into a Guild or start one of their own. I am in the mighty might THGaming2 guild, which is actually only the 3rd best of the #THGaming guilds, but it is friendly, mellow, and highly values participation. In other words, it is perfect for someone like me!

So, if you decide you want to see this card in action, you must join a guild, fight in a brawl, and either get lucky enough to pull Quora from a pack or get UNlucky enough to fight her.

Let's get ready to ruuuuummmmmmmbbbbbbllllleeeee right?

Here is the set up for my first Brawl ever with Quora:

Imagine that Quora is not in my lineup, what odds would you give me? Well, it does not matter because I have Quora. With Quora you get defensive insurance in the form of her massive starting HP. You get reliable offence with the dual attack. And you get the Bloodlust ability which ups her stats if she gets a kill. And she definitely gets a kill...

Not too shabby! A win in her first Brawl, and she ends up in the final round with the potential to do 6 damage, with 6 speed and 14 HP thanks to Bloodlust.

I am in love, I tell you!

As I was writing this, I checked my fray and it turns out my second ever Quora brawls also had finished up. So, as bonus content, here is the beginning and ending snapshot of the Horrible, Adorable, Quora in action. You can see I have the same "strategy" of basically sticking Quora in the middle and hoping she annihilates a couple of enemies before she even has to think about her HP stat. You can also see that I voted haha!

Essentially me and my opponent had kind of similar ideas about this brawl, but where I tried to defend against magic attacks with my unicorn and (probably stupidly) plunked my damage magnet in the second position, my opponent went with melee damage and attacks with the angry mushroom and Bramble Fairy. What do you think, would you trade Quora for the Bramble Fairy?

No. No you would not.

If you are curious, I think that without Quora, my opponent had a smarter setup than me, especially with the Blast damage hitting my poorly positioned damage magnet and its neighbors.

But Quora is the forgiving sort and makes up for all kinds of bad decisions and mistakes.

And that is why I love her lol

Thanks for reading!!


Warning, Quora addiction detected! 😂😂



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