Odds and Ends — 27 June 2022

Cryptocurrency, Investing, Money, Economy, and Debt:

Opaque Platforms and Intertwined Protocols Pose Big Risk to Crypto

It seems NFT-themed Bored & Hungry restaurant no longer accepts crypto


In Round 2, Chaos Dragon kills three monsters with one blast (60 mana, Armored Up and Melee Mayhem rule sets:


In Round 4, five monsters die in an earthquake:


Coronavirus News, Analysis, and Opinion:

COVID vaccines for infants arrive in Florida. Here’s why doctors are throwing them away

COVID-19 Positive Patients at Far Higher Risk of Developing Serious Neurodegenerative Disorders


”I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court yesterday” Illinois Republican says to Trump

See them for what they are.

Do Democrats have a plan for what to do about the most powerful policymaking body in the country being controlled by weasels for the indefinite future? Is there one?

Women will die from unsafe abortions, but at least the filibuster is safe.

— Middle Age Riot (@middleageriot) June 26, 2022

Former Marine Resigns as July 4 Parade Grand Marshal After Right-Wing Texas Radio Host Targeted Her Family

Trump Blasted ‘Stupid’ Georgia Cowards For Not Tossing Vote For Him

“They thought because people showed up to their rallies that meant they were popular. The idea that other people might be sitting at home feeling differently about it seems not to have occurred to them.”

NATO poised to harden position on China as support for Russia deepens distrust

Anarchy is a likelier future for the west than tyranny

The trend of events is not towards strongmen but towards ungovernability

GOP Guvs Brush Off Overturn Of Roe By Refusing To Engage With Its Dire Consequences

AOC says Supreme Court justices who lied under oath must face consequences for ‘impeachable offense’

I’m not going to hold my breath.


Google’s powerful AI spotlights a human cognitive glitch: Mistaking fluent speech for fluent thought


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