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Greetings, we start with a new week to discuss and analyze Splinterlands games. In this opportunity I bring you a very interesting game and to a great extent I love it, each game excites me more than the previous one; This game is very addictive and I want to spend hours playing, their designs are impeccable and very striking, I would like to acquire more cards in due time and enjoy the game much more. Without extending more in my little presentation, let's start playing Splinterlands.


Prepared for


To fight this battle I had two initial conditions:

  1. Standard: the rules are not modified in the game.
  2. Mana: 21 points of mana available.

The amount of mana is the necessary to spend on good monsters or monsters with low stats but with great abilities to put in check the opponents. Undoubtedly you can make a good strategy if you know the opponent well, although the amount of mana is relevant, we must trust in our ability to solve and solve an adversity.



In order to put together a strategy that would lead me to victory I had to review the last moves of my opponent, in doing so I realized that he combined a series of melee attacks with magic attack. I quickly thought of the summoner Thaddius Brood to counteract this fact, as it has an incredible feature, to take advantage of this summoner I chose physical attack cards (melee and ranged) in conjunction with very good skills that would allow me to mitigate enemy damage and wear them down from an advantageous position.


Development of the battle


Link Battle

The battle was played in 7 rounds of attack where in the first rounds there was a marked difference in the elimination of enemy cards. Each monster did its job perfectly, attacking from favorable positions, wearing down the enemies, holding as much damage as possible for a long time, without a doubt my plan worked perfectly. Each attack was successful except for one card that had an ability (Flying), this card was difficult to eliminate completely, so much so that it took me a few rounds of attack to do so.


Card and strategy information:

  1. Our summoner is Thaddius Brood, once again I count on this powerful summoner to act as a leader in front of his monsters, Thaddius is a powerful card that performs better in those combats where the magical attack is present, this wonderful summoner has a very outstanding feature which allows him to reduce life points (1 point) and magic damage points (1 point) to all his enemies, this information is very useful for those who have studied well the games played by the opponent, if lately they have been with magic damage, Thaddius Brood is an excellent choice.

  2. Bone Golem is a card that generates terror in its enemies, which is understandable because of its gigantic size and characteristics that make it a machine that can take damage for long periods of time. The stats of this terrible monster are as follows: 2 points of armor, 6 points of life, 3 points of melee damage and 1 point of speed. Although it resists damage it is capable of doing considerable damage; let's not forget that it also has an ability that allows it to reduce the magic damage of enemies.

  3. Maggots is in the second attack position, these bugs attack together in a precise way to the weakest enemies, and this is precisely what its ability is about, Opportunity makes Maggots attack the enemy that has less health points, regardless of where it is. Maggots has the following stats: 1 health point, 1 melee attack point and 1 speed point. The disadvantage of this card is its own ability, an enemy with Opportunity can finish Maggots if he has 1 more speed point, so you have to be very careful in the selection of cards.

  4. Undead Badger follows after Maggots, this big badger is an excellent choice for those people who like to wear down enemies from the last position, Undead Badger's ability is Sneak and as I mentioned before, his ability is to attack the enemy that is in the last position instead of the first one, it is a very useful ability. The stats of this card are the following: 1 life point, 1 body attack point and 3 speed points that allow him to attack in the first positions; Like maggots, the Opportunity skill is his weakness on the battlefield because of his low life and a good position allows him to evade the enemy Sneak skill.

  5. Xenith Archer is a beautiful archer that does not belong to a splinter, but summoners can choose to acquire her services on the battlefield, she is a good complement for those strategies where melee attack predominates. I know this card very well and I know what are its advantages and disadvantages on the battlefield, knowing this I decided to take it and I was not disappointed. Xenith does not have a special ability like the other cards but its stats compensate for this ¨percance¨: 2 points of life, 1 point of ranged attack and 1 point of speed.

  6. In the last position we find Crypt Beetle, this monster is an excellent fighter that allows him to resist for several rounds of attack the incessant attacks of the enemies thanks to his ability that consists in reducing the damage of melee attacks and ranged attacks. Crypt Beetle's stats are as follows: 1 point of armor, 2 points of health, 1 point of melee attack and 1 point of speed. With this attack formation we were able to defeat the enemy without major complications, except for the last card that was a little difficult to eliminate.



The battle was fought on equal terms, talking about the amount of cards. My opponent had very good cards that unfortunately fell into the hands of my incredible monsters, in fact he did not know how to take advantage of his monsters and the abilities that each one had, it was a really bad positioning. On the other hand, my monsters were untreatable on the battlefield, not having so many life points they had to defend themselves with their abilities and the result was better than I thought. The definition of the battle was a bit strange because there was only one enemy monster left and it seemed easy to end his life, but, the ability I had (Flying) did not let my attacks hurt him and it was until a few rounds of attack that I was able to take him down.



This was all my analysis of my game in the Splinterlands combat arena, I hope you enjoy the writing and summary of my battle. I will be back with you to enjoy the Weekly Challenge that the game offers us and come back with a new publication where we will honor the star card of the Challenge. I want to thank all the users that belong to the great Hive platform, a big hug. See you in the next publication.

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