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A big hug to the followers of Splinterlands and the successful community of Hive, this time I bring you a battle in which I wanted to try something different and I was truly surprised by the final result, I did not imagine that the strategy I formed to win the battle would be so useful.


Battle forecast

As I studied my opponent I could tell that he combined melee attack with ranged attack, however he didn't have any favorite sliver among his battle history. This made me curious and made me try something totally new: selecting monsters with magic attack, although I had previously taken a monster with magic attack to the battlefield I had never dared to fill my combat line with full magic attack. The battle was full of surprises and the result impressed me a lot.




As I had intuited, my rival filled his row of monsters with melee attack and ranged attack and to balance the fact that these monsters have almost no life points he put a tank with enough life points and a lot of armor, taking into account that some abilities of his monsters gave armor, however, this is where my rival did not expect my magic attacks to penetrate the armor and quickly destroy his monsters. Trying a new strategy I rented two cards that were very helpful because of the special abilities they had, I consider that they were very useful in each round of attack, plus they were enhanced by the magic attack points that my summoner offers and so I could achieve my victory.

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Summoner: Watching from a favorable location and pulling the strings that control each allied movement we find Obsidean, this beautiful summoner dazzles with her costume full of fine details and vivid colors that position her as a subtle princess that radiates light in a world full of hate and darkness. She possesses a unique ability and that is to grant each of her allies part of her magical power, specifically 1 point of magical attack.

Mycelic Morphoid is who leads the allied attack, this monster that causes confusion to the enemies by its terrible appearance acted as bait and generated a distraction for its allies to take control of the battle, has very good statistics and its performance was what I expected, has 1 point of melee attack, 2 points of life and 1 point of attack speed, in addition to getting 1 point of magic attack by the summoner.

Regal Peryton is a winged deer that by its greatness gives a feeling of protection to all those who need it. Its color combination of white, blue and purple turns it into a halo of light that falls from the skies to kill enemies. This amazing monster has enviable stats, it has 6 health points that make it a tank, 5 points of speed and 1 point of magic damage but as the summoner grants 1 point of extra magic damage, it would be 2 points of magic damage. She brings with her an ability called Flying, this ability increases her ability to evade enemy attacks (melee and ranged) that do not have this ability.

Khmer Princess radiates a bright golden light that resembles the sun, legend has it that only the worthy are able to see it without suffering some kind of damage to their eyes. This little princess has 2 points of life, 1 point of speed and 1 point of magic damage, which in reality would be 2 points of magic damage for the additional point granted by the summoner.

In the fourth position we have a beautiful monster that enjoys great ease, we are talking about Wood Nymph, this beautiful monster is almost imperceptible to the enemies and they label her as weak, however, she has a great balance between her statistics: 1 point of magic damage that is boosted by the extra point granted by the summoner, 2 points of life and 1 point of speed, she has a very useful ability in her hands and this ability called Tank Heal restores a portion of life each round to the allied monster that is in the first position. The placement of this monster was purely strategic and it was a very helpful rented card.

Sporcerer is in the fifth position, this mushroom-shaped monster is able to intoxicate any opponent in the blink of an eye, do not get carried away by its appearance because it is very powerful and is capable of taking down the strongest on the battlefield, its statistics are very good: 5 points of life that positions it as a tank, 1 point of speed and 2 points of magic damage that is boosted by the extra point of Obsidean. It features a unique ability called Rust, which reduces the armor of all enemy monsters. This card was rented.

In the sixth position we find Chaos Agent, this mysterious and sinister being acts from the darkest passages of the battlefield, he is stealthy and very meticulous with every step he takes and does not get carried away by his impulses. It has 2 points of speed that make it very skilled in the battlefield and 1 point of life, in addition to obtaining through its summoner 1 point of magic damage. This monster belongs to the Chaos Legion edition.


Conclusion of the battle

Thanks to my summoner's ability I was able to increase the magic attack of my monsters, the additional damage was incredible and I think that without it I could not win the battle. The decision to experiment with a purely magic damage strategy could have ended in defeat, however, renting two cards whose abilities were amazing made my confidence increase considerably. Putting together a strategy based on the opponent and knowing how to combine cards plays an extremely important role in the game.



In this small space I say goodbye to you, again I feel grateful to this community and this motivates me every day to improve my weekly posts, I will gladly wait for your opinions and criticisms in the comments box. See you in the next publication of this addictive game, greetings and have a nice day.


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