Social Media Challenge - Slow and agonizing death.





Welcome, friends of Splinterlands. On this new day we will be talking about and analyzing a game regarding the weekly Social Media that each of us are used to doing. I'm excited to be on this Hive platform for another week, so well, let's get started and play Splinterlands.


Prepared for


At the start of a battle the first thing they let us know is the initial conditions of the game:

  1. Standard: the rules are not modified in the game.
  2. Mana: 28 mana points.

This large amount allows you a wide range of choice of monsters and summoners, no doubt you can achieve many things with the amount of mana put by the game compared to other games where the amount is much smaller where we must be a little more thoughtful and be more selective in the choice of cards.




Looking at the game history of my enemy I can notice that he has played numerous games with magic damage monsters along with melee attack monsters and in turn with a summoner that in his skills enhances the magic attack. According to the observations I decided to go to battle with monsters similar to those of my opponent and also form a strategy very similar to my enemy, to counter the enemy magic attack only comes to mind a summoner which I think everyone knows. Later we will deepen the strategy and the cards used.


Development of the battle


Link Battle

The battle was developed in 4 rounds of attack, where from the beginning there were quite interesting damage exchanges, there were casualties from the first round of attack and the victim was my enemy, thanks to the reduction of 1 point of life by my summoner I had the opportunity to end the life of each of the rival monsters faster, I admit that my opponent chose very good cards but he lacked a card with the ability of Sneak or Opportunity to cause some havoc in my formation, these details play a very important role in the game. By the last moments of the game my opponent could not withstand my attacks and one by one they were falling straight to death, giving me the victory.


Card and strategy information:


  1. The summoner used for this battle is one that I know very well, that's right, we are talking about Thaddius Brood, this death summoner is an extremely good card against monsters of the same type of attack, that is, magic attack. The virtues of this summoner is that it can reduce by 1 point the amount of life of all enemy champions, as well as reduce by 1 point the amount of magic damage of enemies. This way I could counteract the buff that Obsidean gives to all his monsters and also gives me a small advantage over his enemies by taking a point of life from his monsters.

  2. The first attack monster is Bone Golem, I have been using this card a lot for some time now, and it is one of the monsters that I consider to be complete and is very good against monsters with magic attack, as his ability allows him to reduce the damage of this type of attack. Bone Golem's stats are as follows: 2 points of armor, 6 points of life, 3 points of melee attack and 1 point of speed, it is somewhat slow but I think it is fair compared to its other virtues.

  3. Silent Sha Vi is behind Bone Golem, this big snake attacks his opponent from the last positions thanks to his Sneak skill, which allows him to aim and attack the enemy in the last position, and he does it until he dies. Silent Sha Vi's stats are as follows: 5 health points, 2 melee attack points and 3 speed points to attack in the first positions. Normally monsters with this kind of ability have great stats in terms of life points.

  4. In the third position we have Death Elemental, this small monster contains in its interior an ability more than curious and perfect for those enemies with magic attack in its power, the ability consists of marking the enemies of magic attack, ranged attack and that do not have attack that are not in the first position. The stats of this monster are as follows: 2 points of life, 1 point of magic attack and 3 points of speed, anticipating enemy attacks by its speed.

  5. Right after Death Elemental we have Life Sapper, this monster contains an ability called Life Leech, which causes our monster to restore a small portion of life points for each round that passes in the battle, the only weakness of this monster is that in the opposing team there is an enemy with the Opportunity ability. Death Elemental's stats are as follows: 2 health points, 1 magic attack point and 2 speed points.

  6. In the last position we have Mantoid, it is a new card where I wanted to test it in the last position to see how it performs in battle. It is a perfect card against magic attack enemies since it has the same ability as its ally Death Elemental: mark enemies that have magic attack, ranged attack and have attack that are not in the first position. Mantoid's stats are as follows: 5 health points, 2 ranged attack points and 2 speed points. I liked the performance of Mantoid very much, it is certainly a very interesting card and I would definitely use it again in my next games.




As we could see in the battle, in the analysis of my formation and the specifications of my cards that my strategy specialized merely in slowing down the enemy magic attack and finishing from the back of the enemy formation to their monsters. My first monster held what it had to hold throughout the battle, I would use this same strategy again in the future. I am more than satisfied with the result of the game and Thaddius Brood is a strong summoner against magical enemies and with a good choice of cards is almost a guaranteed victory, obviously also influences a lot the amount of mana that the game can offer you before starting the game.



So much for my analysis, fellow Splinterlands. I hope you enjoy my support to the community, this Social Media is the preamble to the Weekly Challenge that we will have in a few days in this same channel, I look forward to its arrival as well as all of you. With nothing more to add, I wish you all a nice day full of blessings, see you later.

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