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Welcome once again to my space, in this new opportunity we return to talk about the weekly challenge that awaits us the great game of Splinterlands, for this week we will focus on a card which does not belong to any splinter, so we will see a lot of variety of games with different splinters, different strategies and different formations that will highlight the selected splinter. Now yes, my friends, let the battle begin.


Prepared for


For this occasion. the game offered us a very generous amount of mana, we are talking about 99 mana points, without any doubt this amount allows us to choose our best cards, with the best stats and the best skills, also allows us to create the best strategies that we have wanted to try for a long time.

  1. Standard: The rules are not modified in the game.
  2. Amount of mana: 99 points of mana available to spend on summoner and monsters.



This week's challenge card is Magi of Chaos, this card as we said at the beginning of the post, does not belong to a specific splinter, this means that any splinter can summon this wonderful monster. It must be said that I have not played with this monster and at first glance it seemed to me a card with a somewhat imposing design and with very well elaborated details, counting with some very good features that will certainly help the team at all times. Going a little further into the post let's talk about how the card performed during the game.


Development of the battle


Link Battle

For this battle I saw that my opponent had been playing a lot with monsters that in their power predominantly melee attacks and ranged attacks, there were other games where he combined melee attack with magic attack and given the high amount of mana I knew it was his opportunity to show his best cards in this game, so I decided to counteract the damage I can receive from my enemy with some armor and support cards.

The battle lasted 6 rounds of attacks, 6 long rounds where the enemy attack was not normal at all, I underestimated the strategy of my rival and also the power of his cards, he had a variety of incredible cards and brought to the battle the 3 types of attack existing in the game (melee attack, ranged attack and magic attack) and it was something I had not seen so far, the rival summoner was in charge of boosting the ranged attack of his monsters that I must say made my life rotten. From the first round fell one of my monsters that I thought that at least would last until the second round of attack, it is worth mentioning that I also defeated one of his cards.

In the second round of attack several cards fell both rivals and allies, where you could notice a difference in the number of cards present in the battle. For rounds three and four there were several exchanges of attacks but without any relevance. The last two rounds, the cards present in the battle were already weakened, but more than those of my rival, my last card had not received damage during the battle, which gave him a great advantage to take the victory.


Card and strategy information:

  1. Our summoner is Obsidean, I have used this summoner a little more than I should when I choose the Earth Splinter, I chose it especially because for this battle I wanted to go with several monsters of magical attack, and we know that Obsidean has a quality that is to increase the magical attack of its allies in 1 extra point, giving a little more damage to deal with enemies, there is no doubt that Obsidean is one of the best summoners for magical monsters.

  2. Mycelic Infantry is commanding the allied attack, this monster feared even by the allies themselves has too brutal stats: 3 points of armor, 7 points of life, 3 points of melee attack and 1 point of speed, is a monster made to endure several periods of time in battle before being knocked down, has an ability that allows you to reduce the damage of ranged attacks and melee attacks.

  3. Mycelic Slipspawn is behind his "brother" Mycelic Infantry, this monster has a somewhat unusual and rare feature, and that is that his ability allows Slipspawn to serve as bait, ie, all attacks are directed towards his person. making a little time for his friends to focus on attacking and try to lower several points of life of their enemies. The statistics of this monster are as follows: 10 points of life, 2 points of magic attack and 2 points of speed.

  4. In the third position we have Goblin Psychic, this monster is considered as a support and damage card. It is considered as support because its ability allows it to restore a portion of life to the allied monster in the first position. As we know, support type cards are usually a bit weak but Goblin is an exception, it has 3 points of life, 2 points of magic attack and 1 point of speed, these are very good characteristics to be a support type card.

  5. In the fourth position we have Magi of Chaos, this card is the one we must highlight in this game, I put it in the fourth position to know what scope can have this card in a game that was certainly difficult, it had an incredible performance, helped in the destruction of two rival cards and believe me it could have given more in the game, too bad it met an enemy with a monstrous damage. The stats of this card without Splinter are as follows: 5 points of life, 2 points of magic damage and 2 points of speed, let's mention that this card doesn't have an ability.

  6. Eleven Mystic is in the fifth position and just like its friend Magi of Chaos it does not belong to a splinter as it is also a card that does not have an ability that makes it "special", but it certainly does not need it. but it certainly doesn't need an ability to shine on the battlefield. Eleven's stats are as follows: 3 health points, 1 magic attack point and 2 speed points. These are very good stats in my opinion.

  7. In the last position we have Regal Peryton, this card has been an emblem for me in this sliver land, I have used it in numerous battles and has always given an incredible effort and if that was not enough, it was the card that led me to victory. It has an ability that allows you to increase the chances of evading melee and ranged attacks of those enemies who do not have this same ability. The stats of this monster are as follows: 6 points of life, 1 point of magic attack and 5 points of speed.




Despite the dominant start of my enemy in the first rounds of attack, I can say that there was something at the beginning that gave me a slight advantage and that was that all enemy attacks went straight to my second card, it was like a distraction, however, my opponent also had a card of the same type, so we were in the same thing. Another thing to highlight was that I was able to eliminate in time the rival card that increased the life of their allies and also the card that reduced the speed of my monsters, by destroying those two cards I had control of the battle.



That was all for this week, friends. I hope you enjoy my little post about the Weekly Challenge that Splinterlands offers us, I loved the card and I will definitely use it in my next battles, see you next week, hugs.

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