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Have a very good day my friends, this time I bring you a post about the weekly challenge that Splinterlands game offers us, it was a while since I posted about the weekly challenges for external reasons that consumed me a lot of time. Now I'm a little more relaxed, so let's start with our little analysis of the battle and the impressions I had with the cards and my summoner.***Let's start with the game!


Challenge Card:


The card of the challenge is Soul Strangler, it is not the first time I use this card and I must say that it is a very good monster to play in any situation. It is a monster that although it looks very simple at first glance it defends in terms of its statistics and performs in ranged attacks, which leads to what can be in the middle or at the end of the formation attacking from afar and not taking direct damage, which is why this champion or monster how we want to call it is very useful on the battlefield.

During the battle we will observe that this champion had optimal performance and was one of the last cards to be knocked down, especially for the placement in the deck of cards, helping in a great way to his allies and thus achieve victory.




In this battle we had a very good amount of mana that helped us to choose the best cards in terms of stats and skills depending and studying a lot the opponent's game history, in order to counteract all the damage that he can inflict on us. For this battle we had two conditions which I will point out below:

  1. Amount of mana: 30 mana points.
  2. Standard: The rules are not modified.



In this opportunity I was able to detail very well the games of my rival in his history and I realized that we always alternate his games between physical and magic attack, but lately he had taken a lot of physical damage, especially melee, combining it with armor so I decided to take physical and magic damage to avoid inconveniences in the game.



The game was very long, it is the first time that I had a battle of 8 rounds of attack and it was also very close at the end because it was defined side by side with one card standing for both players. It should be noted that without the magic damage that I used in my deck I could not lower or eliminate the opponent's cards easily and with the help of certain abilities that the same cards present I could take the victory.


Strategy information:


  1. Our beautiful summoner is Selenia Sky. This beautiful blonde girl who despite being young is very tough and her clothing shows it, often this track mounted on a kind of dragon that resembles a large snake for its great length which makes it fearsome to the enemies that are on the battlefield. It is always equipped with a type of spear and is capable of granting its allies damage at a distance, which makes them much more cautious and less exposed to direct enemy attacks.

  2. Cursed Windeku is who leads the Allied attack, this monster with very peculiar horns and his bony and lanky body is scary in the First Plane, he lives in the darkest caves found in the Cursed Mountain, because he always moves in the dark he has developed a powerful night vision and sharpened all his senses. His stats make him a truly complete monster in every sense of the word: 9 points of life, 2 of melee attack and 3 points of speed. It has an ability which consists in that when it is hit by a physical attack (melee) it returns the damage it has received.

  3. Disintegrator It is in the second position insurge from the depths of the Earth where nothing can be observed by the intense darkness that reigns, his red eyes are able to see everything as if it were for one to see in broad daylight, his body is of a black hue and has sharp blades on the front legs which makes it a real killer. His stats are quite good: 5 points of life, 2 points of armor, 2 points of melee attack and 1 point of speed. He has an ability that allows him to reduce the melee attack of enemies, all of them.

  4. Soul Strangler is in third position and in the middle of the deck giving support to the allies and inflicting damage to the enemies, he has long ears that allow him to hear even the slightest noise and helps him to be always forewarned of any sudden movement that the enemy may make. His stats are as follows: 2 points of life, 2 points of speed and 2 points of ranged attack.

  5. Life Sapper It is followed by Soul Strangler, this monster has two identities where one of them is the human part and the other is a kind of blue fire monster, these two identities coexist in the same body, that is to say, they are present at the same time where one half of the body is the human part and the other half is the monstrous part. He also has a white armor that protects him from physical attacks. His stats are as follows: 2 points of life, 1 point of Magic damage and 2 points of speed, Who is an ability that allows him to recover a portion of life each time he inflicts damage to an enemy.

  6. Death Elemental is the specter is in the penultimate position of the attack formation, he spends his time roaming the darkest passages of the mountains, forests and surroundings looking for ways to eliminate those he considers enemies using any kind of trickery. His stats are as follows: 2 health, 1 magic damage and 3 speed. He has an ability that allows him to mark those enemies that are not in the first position, the enemies he marks are those that have ranged attack, magic or do not attack.

  7. Silent Sha-Vi is the snake that closes the allied attack, its great length turns it into a real machine to strangle enemies where once strangled it injects its powerful poison thus managing to eliminate them in a matter of seconds. His stats are extremely good: 5 life points, 2 melee attack points and 3 speed points, he has an ability that allows him to mark the last enemy in the opponent's deck instead of the first.



The battle was very close and very interesting, the difficulty was high and we can see it by the amount of rounds that took the game to develop, there is no doubt that my enemy knew how to make a good strategy to give me a worthy battle, but, between the cards and skills of my Deck gave me the victory, thanking a little to the small magic damage I had because thanks to it I could inflict direct damage ignoring the armor of my opponent.


Good Bye:

It was very nice to live again what is the weekly challenge that this wonderful game offers us, I must confess that I really missed this mechanics of the game as it forces us to create a strategy based on the card that the game gives us and that is why it is here where the real strategists come out to shine. Changing the subject, I feel grateful for the support you have given me little by little in my excursion of content creation in my short time that I have been on this platform, no doubt I have felt apart from you and I hope not to disappoint you, without anything else to say see you in a next installment, have a good weekend.


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