Weekly Challenge - What is dead does not die again.





Welcome back to the glorious world of Splinterlands, this time we come with everything because the Splinterlands weekly challenge is out with a pleasant surprise and the challenge consists of the Dragon Splinter, so we will see many games with great summoners with different skills manipulating their monsters in an intense battle until the last player is still standing. As always the game releases a pleasant surprise every week and it is an honor for me to be part of this community and be part of Splinterlands, without more to say, let's start with the game.


Prepared for


Next we will review the initial conditions of the game:

  1. Standard: conditions are not modified in the game.

  2. Amount of mana: 16 mana points to spend on summoner and monsters.

We can see that 16 mana points is something where it is almost impossible to make a good strategy, however, knowing very well your cards with which you have shared a good amount of time opens your mind to many possibilities, without a doubt it is an amount that puts both players against the wall and the most intelligent is the one that will come out the winner at the end of the day.



I noticed that my opponent had been playing with cards that I had seen very little of in the Life Splinter during my time in the game, however this did not cause me any inconvenience. I decided to go with a not so powerful attack in my formation, I was just going to let the abilities come out on the battlefield, when talking about defense I can say that my cards for the most part were weak but with dragon summoner they can survive a little longer in battle. I had a good feeling and reliability in my deck because I chose good monsters despite the amount of mana the game offered us at the beginning of the game.


Development of the battle


Link Battle

The battle was something very fast in my opinion, it is one of the fastest I've played since I came to this game, it only lasted two rounds of attack where my monsters managed to have an impeccable performance, superior to my enemy by far. Cursed Windeku's ability was the one that shined more than those of his teammates and rivals, it is worth mentioning that both Maggots and Badger's abilities did what they had to do: wear down the enemies, then there is Carrion Shade that complements with its damage the wear of the enemies' life.


Card and strategy information:

  1. Our summoner is Drake of Arnak, this great dragon is one of the summoner cards that I have used the most for its incredible ability that allows your monsters to last a little longer on the battlefield, it can lengthen the stay of the monsters in the game and most of all it serves to those monsters that are support type or are complement monsters that are the most vulnerable to be defeated by their low health points. What Drake of Arnak offers to all his allies is an improvement of 1 armor point.

  2. Cursed Windeku is who leads the offensive of Drake of Arnak, this deadly monster is one of the most powerful within the death splinter, he has a very convenient ability that acts as a double edge, this ability makes that every time he receives a hit from the enemy that is in the first position, Windeku returns a portion of the damage he has received as long as the damage he has received is melee. The stats of this monster are as follows: 9 health points, 2 melee attack points and 3 speed points.

  3. In the second position we have Maggots, this monster works as a complement in the attack of the allies, it can wear down the enemy that has few health points and does not stop attacking until it is completely knocked down, this according to its ability. Maggots stats are as follows: 1 health point, 1 melee attack point and 1 speed point. This monster is vulnerable against those monsters with the Opportunity skill.

  4. Undead Badger is right after Maggots, it is a monster that is characterized by attacking the enemy formation from the last position, thanks to its unique ability called Sneak. Like Maggots, it is a vulnerable card because of its low amount of life, the statistics of this monster are as follows: 1 point of life, 1 point of melee attack and 3 points of speed which makes it one of the monsters that attack first.

  5. In the last position we have Carrion Shade, this little dragon does not have an ability like his other companions, he is in the last position to ensure that his other two companions (Maggots and Undead Badger) were not victims of those enemies with the ability of Sneak. The stats of this monster are as follows: 2 health points, 1 melee attack point and 2 speed points.




The battle ended better than I imagined, since I took cards not so strong in terms of amount of life, only one of them is considered a tank and added to the fact that my summoner Drake of Arnak grants armor, my opponent could not knock down any of my cards, I thought the battle would be a little closer. I can also say that my opponent's summoner did not favor his monsters, since he used a summoner that increases the ranged attack of his monsters and in his formation there was only one that used this type of attack, that was a mistake that cost him a big part of the game, he did not make good decisions.



That was all for this week, so much for my journey this week, starting with the Social Media and ending with the Weekly Challenge that we like so much, it is always exciting to play with the Dragon Splinter and we must enjoy them every time we can, I will be back with you for a new series of adventures in the fascinating world of Splinterlands, see you soon, greetings.

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