10000!!! Another milestone reached! Thank you all!

This will be a sweet and short post...

I am just so happy sharing the news of reaching 10000 SPS staked!

I have been staking all my SPS since the first day of airdrops and now I am above 10k!

Screenshot (214)_edit_830822607640932.png

Staked over 390 SPS to reach the first target!

For sure I am not stopping here...

I am also not thinking about the actual market price too...I am here for the long!!!

Screenshot (213)_edit_830788183252916.png

Approx. 75 SPS per day...

At this rate, I should easily stake more than 25k SPS at the end of the airdrops!

For a user like me, this is simply an amazing amount!

This happens only on Splinterlands!!!

Screenshot (211)_edit_830744040533131.png

Thank you all!!!

This would not be possible without the long hard work behind the scenes by our super devs!

Really big thanks to you guys! Keep making it better and better!

Have fun!

hive  (11).gif


Congrats and that is a strong number to reach. For sure it will make a difference with future perks in Splinterlands.

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