Bought 15 packs more of Chaos Legion - Now I have 150 Packs, all already opened! I want more packs!!!

During the first round of Chaos Legion Packs sale, I managed to get 110 packs and now I have already bought 50 packs, making it a total of 150 packs of Chaos Legion!!!

This may seem little for some...but for me, I am quite satisfied so far and looking forward to buy more packs gradually!

Screenshot (248)_edit_247684611128350.png

All bought with DEC earned from my rentals and airdropped SPS!!!

The rental system on Splinterlands is just magic...thanks to my rentals and the SPS airdrops, I managed to buy all my packs so far...

I will keep on investing my earnings on packs and in land I want to grow my account bigger...I just love this game sooo much and it's not only about getting ROI that I am here.

Screenshot (246)_edit_247647609038252.png

Already opened the 150 packs...

At first I thought about opening 10 packs per day...but the excitation was too big that I could not hold myself...

Some days back, I opened the 110 Packs from round 1...then purchased 25 more packs in round 2 which I also opened right after purchase...

And today...after getting the 15 packs...I opened them all!!!

Screenshot (247)_edit_247664314771583.png

Some other time I will share the best cards I got from my opened packs of Chaos Legion.

I have put the target to put my hands on at least 500 Packs...let's see how it goes!

So...are you also buying the maximum of packs of Chaos Legion!?

What are your plans with Splinterlands!?

Thanks for reading!
Have fun!

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