Can't start better than this...2 Doctor Blight at around 145-160 Usd value each!!! This is just the beginning as I make my way to start opening my first packs later today!!!

We were all so impatiently waiting for this moment...

It came and wow...I received 2 Doctor Blight airdropped to me!!!

It really can't start better for the Chaos Legion for me!!!

Screenshot (228)_edit_117273293608145.png

I hope to be lucky again for the next drop...

Screenshot (226)_edit_117229178131590.png

Doctor Blight Market Value...

I was wowed when I check the market price yesterday after claiming the airdrop!!!

The card was at 161 Usd and today it is at about145 Usd!!!

Screenshot (229)_edit_117157785680038.png

Going to open some of my 120 Packs...

After this post...I will be opening some packs...maybe 25 or maybe all!!! I just don't know as the excitation is just too big!!!

I hope to have hands on some legendary cards...and maximum gold foil!

Let's wait and see! *I will make another post to share some of my best cards from the packs tomorrow...

Until then...

Have fun and wish you tons of great cards in your packs!!!

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