Starting Splinterlands as a New Player - Day 3

Day 3:

Daily Blurb:
Despite adding $50 in credits, I was still a little shy of the 1,000 CP I needed to advance to Bronze 2. So, I did what any self respecting addict would do. I bought another $10 of my new drug of choice and proceeded to chase the high. I did manage to get into Bronze 2 though, so I should be able to start earning DEC again and hopefully starting seeing a return albiet a slow one. I'm hoping to start stacking some DEC for the general sale of the boosters, assuming they aren't going to require vouchers.

Bought Spellbook: $10
Bought Credits: $50
Bought Credits: $10

Current Balances:
5,044 - Credits
6.911 - DEC
0 - SPS

Total Money Spent: $70
Total Account Value: $59.96 ($54.85 cards, $5.04 credits, $0.07 dec)
Total Profit/Loss: -$10.04

Prior Goal(s) for the Day:

  • Complete Daily Quest for rewards. (completed)
  • Get 1,000 CP (if possible) (completed)
  • Get to Bronze 2 (completed)

Goal(s) for the Day:

  • Complete Daily Quest for rewards.
  • Get $4 in DEC

Goal(s) for the Week:

  • Get an additional 3,950 CP to Unlock Bronze 1
  • Get to Bronze 1

As always, any advice or help is welcomed.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

Special thanks to @arkasz for delegating 10 hive to me so I have more RC!
You Sir/Ma'am are a treasure!

Thank You!