Starting Splinterlands as a New Player - Day 4

Day 4:

Daily Blurb:

I've been sitting pretty at Bronze 2. I've pushed my rating high enough that I can advance to Bronze 1. I just need 3,950 more CP. I've managed to accumulate 34.553 DEC through battling and after combing through a variety of Splinterlands blogs, I believe my next step is to rent some cards to get the CP I need. Renting good cards is definitely important, but I also want to get some that give me the best bang for the buck even if they aren't immediately useful. With the end of the season fast approaching, I may just settle for Bronze 1 this season and rent cards early next season when they are supposed to be cheaper. It will also give me time to continue to accumulate DEC.

Bought Spellbook: $10
Bought Credits: $50
Bought Credits: $10

Current Balances:
5,053 - Credits
34.553 - DEC
0 - SPS

Total Money Spent: $70
Total Account Value: $59.60 ($54.21 cards, $5.05 credits, $0.34 dec)
Total Profit/Loss: -$10.40

Prior Goal(s) for the Day:

  • Complete Daily Quest for rewards. (completed)
  • Get $4 in DEC (incomplete)
    • (DEC is slower to get than I imagined, which is a good thing, but the $4 target is probably a better weekly goal than a daily goal.)

Goal(s) for the Day:

  • Complete Daily Quest for rewards.

Goal(s) for the Week:

  • Get $4 in DEC
  • Get an additional 3,950 CP to Unlock Bronze 1
  • Get to Bronze 1

As always, any advice or help is welcomed.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

I apologze for triple posting the last blog. It didn't look like it was posting or going through so I submitted it 3 times. It never showed up on Splintertalk until today, but it did show up on ecency last night. I guess I need to be more patient. I'm just enjoying my experience and sharing it and got a littler overzealous.

Thank You!