RE: Hive Post Deleted - I No Longer Support This Blockchain


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Great post! Guys - super early on @psyberx right now! We're talking about some amazing things in the Discord. I know I look kind of lame Hive-wise but I'm pretty new to the Hive community so got a ways to go from an influencer standpoint here. BUT - there are tons of OGs over there who've been involved in a number of other projects for a while now, and you can learn so much from them. Even if you don't plan to invest in @psyberx (which you will if you hang out in the discord) you can get some great insight on what's going on within the Hive ecosystem in general if you just join and hang out. I highly encourage it! I've already learned a ton, and wouldn't know near as much as I do about Hive if I hadn't joined the @psyberx conversation. Disclaimer: I am a tier 2 founder in this game. I was trying to get to tier 1 status but just didn't have enough time. The game spoke to me from day 1, and I believe it can do well which is why I decided to invest enough to get to tier 2. Very friendly bunch, come on over!