renting out cards for profit starter guide part 3


Renting out cards for profit

Please read the previous posts before reading this one, otherwise, this will not make a lot of sense.

The cards that a look at in order to rent out, are indeed expensive. But I started out with a lot of cheaper once. As I said my ratio is $10 card rent it out for 2.5 deca day.

If you have 100 cards renting out for 2.5dec a day
That 7500 a month of dec which is a lot
But your investment will be around $1000 or $1200

Or you can just buy sps or dec with this money and get airdrops and stake it. But this is about the long run in building you rentals little by little.

The average price I spend on a card is around $14

But if you have ore capital I only buy epic gold foil as this is better than buying normal legendries
An epic gold foil goes for $32 give or take and rent it out for 8dec or 10

Normal legendary cost $13 give or take
$32/$13 gives you 2 normal legendary cards renting compared to the gf epic out for 2.5 dec gives x2 gives you 5dec
Where when you buy an epic gold foil it gives you 8-10dec a day which is much better in my opinion.

Be careful before buying if you buy a gold foil make sure the renting is at least 10dec a day this is what I aim for. But you will get it usually for 8 Dec a day but come eos these cards skyrocket in rental prizes.
Hope this makes sense and helps newcomers.

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