what cards to rent out starter guide


This blog will be about how to start renting out cards because you need good cards, cards people actually need in order to rent out.

I will share my first step

first, of set yourself a ratio, with this, I mean buying a card for $10,00 and renting it out for 2,5dec a day. or anything between $10-12 renting out for 2,5-3 Dec. this will depend on your budget. or buying a $30 gold foil card and renting git out for 12 Dec a day.

this will require you to check and compare the market prices. Click on a monster that fits your budget, see what it rents out for and so familiarise yourself, until you decide on a ratio.

just a tip. I personally only buy legendary cards and gold foil epic. as I believe this is the best bang for your buck. $30 card be it legendary or gold foil epic, renting out for 12Dec a day. and these are cards people actually need and want for their decks.