Splinterlands Little Champions - The Remarkable Risqruel Drath

Calling all Splinterlands brave adventurers! It's finally time to raise your banners and light up the digital realms with adventures and remarkable bounties! Let's gear up, polish our weapons and go earn some Glint!

I will take you on a journey, sharing my tales of triumph, weird strategies that led me to victory, and we'll cherished memories together. Join me in commemorating this remarkable milestone!


What's Glint? The new currency for ranked play, which can be used in the shop to buy all kind of stuff. You earn Glint daily depending on the wins, and then a big bunch at the end of the season... based on the overall performance!

More wins.... more Glint! Create the most optimal 7-card deck, using the available cards, and fight against opponents. Win and advance through the ranks battle mage!

I've done remarkably well since they removed ranks limitations, and I've reached the Champion III rank. The progress helped me to farm a bigger amount of Glint per season.

However, they had to nerf it a bit with the "Wild Pass"! Pay2Earn as you will need it for wild games. Having to pay 40 Vouchers each season makes me feel sad!


I feel that this is the Conflict that will finally give me an airdrop card! I grew from 14 chances for Rage to 15 chances for Kei. Stepped up my game and I had 37 chances for Venka and 47 for Lorkus

More cards were added into the War Wagons but 53 chances for Cryptic were still not enough to secure a card.

Currently having 13 wagons and 6 packs farming at 7665 HR, and big hopes for the current conflict. Ohhh man... I want that squirrel summoner! I got fascinated by RISQRUEL DRATH! WTF bro... a Jedi squirrel?


Trully remarkable creature this Risqruel! He was renowned for his swift hands and an insatiable appetite for luxurious treats and shiny trinkets!

Risqruel’s curiosity nearly costed his life when he tried to steal a powerful fey rune etched into the bark of a sacred tree. The fey magic surged into Risqruel, awakening an intellect and magical prowess that were beyond those of a mere squirrel.

With the legions of Chaos destroying his beloved forest by the hectares in their hunt for rebels, he found a new purpose. The Fire/Earth summoner will give the Flying ability and +1 Ranged attack, plus a choice of other boosts!


I want you Risqruel... you are remarkable! You could be my Little League Champion and the ruler of all creepy crawlers!

Just imagine him leading this critters for this little league brawl! Holy Protection plus Target Practice gave an extra twist to this duel.

All monsters gain Divine Shield, while all Melee and Ranged will start the battle with the Snipe ability. Risqruel instead of Tarsa would have blasted that Divine Shield by giving Taunt plus Redemption to the Venari Marksrat!

Tarsa: +1 Melee & +1 Health

Exploding Rats: Melee with Blast

Antoid Platoon: Melee with Shield

Uraeus: Melee with Sneak

Scavo Firebolt: Ranged

Pyrewatch Devil: Ranged with Life Leech

Venari Marksrat: Ranged with Martyr


Everyone had Snipe and will target the first Ranged or Caster that's not in the first position, and I realized that the Venari Marksrat should have been placed where the Scavo Firebolt started the battle. One mistake that may cost me the game.

My set up was weird at first sight, but the Explosive Rat as a tank was pure strategy. The other units will snipe around, hitting Divine Shields, while the Rats will blast around with efficiency. When the rats will be taken down, the Antoid Platoon will claim the tanking spot.

My enemy went for a similar strategy, with Tarsa boosting the melee monsters. Using the Antoid Platoon in the last position was a good move, as Uraeus sneak attack was reduced by the Shield. The Exploding Rats lived enough to hit twice, destroying the Divine Shield of the ranged units.

Took down the evil Scavo Firebolt, lost my tanking rats just before nuking the Xenith Archer, and the enemy retaliated by taking down my Scavo Firebolt. The battle was still undecided after the first two rounds, but having my Pyrowatch Devil at six health points was encouraging.

Took a visible advantage after my opponent lost his Xenith Monk, even if his Venari Spellsmith was boosted by the Marksrat Martyr. My Antoid Platoon stood strong, and the wrong placement of the Marksrat didn't influenced the outcome of the battle! See the full battle here!


Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / ++Doctor Who++

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / Crypto.com

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash

Creators bundle: Publish0x, Hive & Presearch

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