"'✍️This is my 17th letter to you, beloved Lyanna. It hurts right now that another day has passed and I still can't see your beautiful face and smile. Believe me, if I could do anything right now to be with you, I would. Today, as the storm ripped the Splintral skies apart, I placed even more stones from the cave's entrance. I have yet to hear from Garibolius and have no idea why he insists on us riding Pegasus in this storm. This time I wrote you a poem; "Like a Ballet dancer, I'm tinkering in a box. Staring at my beloved like a ruby, precious and rare, that I'd kill for as everything points North."'.


Lyanna, who is originally from Anumün, has lived in Draykh-Nahka for over 15 years with her husband and two daughters, Kiara and Talia. However, things have not been the same since the Chaos Legion's invasion. While her two daughters, summoners too, help to protect the 3rd & 7th regions, her husband, Aggrodius Lightbringer, has gone missing at sea. Her only contact with him was through these letters that arrived every red moon. He left on a journey to aid the resistance in the north, and she is now concerned that the chaos legion has captured him. Despite the fact that the series of letters indicate that nothing of the sort has occurred. If she had a clue where her husband was, she'd go look for him herself. She would brave the dangers of the north for his sake.

spl lore divider.png

Lyanna closes her eyes, a new sense of tingling awareness filled her body, she took a deep breath of fresh air. She was well respected as the greatest summoner from Anumün after years of growth. The wet grass she was lying on was cold against the back of her naked neck. It was almost time for sunset. Lyanna savored the beauty around her as well as the thought of reading from her beloved husband for a few final seconds. Aside from summoning, she possessed a variety of skills. She could also communicate with animals and kept Draykh-Nahka alive by illuminating the enchanted flowers, causing them to bloom indefinitely.

The attached poem sparked a clue within her as she lay there lost in thought. Her husband was terrible at poetry, which made her love him even more because it made her laugh when she read it. But this poem was different.

"tinkering with a bell in a box...red as ruby...staring at my beloved"

Her face lit up as she was whispering to herself. She quickly stood up and using her powers teleported home in the blink of an eye.

Lyanna entered her husband's study and lit a lamp. She hadn't been here in a long time, and spiders had built webs all over the place. A music box sat on the desk. She'd always wondered why it didn't move. Then she noticed that the box's marking had an arrow pointing directly to where her portrait was hung on the wall. When she opened it, it started tinkling. He'd made this rainbow-colored music box for Kiara, his youngest daughter. Looking closer, she twists the dancing figure clockwise, and a drawer pops open, almost hitting her on the knee. She takes a step back and peers inside. She discovered another box which she removed and placed on the desk.

She shook the box, bringing it closer to her ears as if to hear what was inside. It had a key lock, and she noticed the key hole resembled her ring, which her husband had given her. She unlocked the box with the ring, and inside was a locket. She locates the chair with her hands and drags it closer to sit, all the while keeping her gaze fixed on the locket. She carefully examined it and discovered the small opening, which she pressed and it opened. Inside, there was a compass to the left and a rare ruby-like stone to the right. A warm sensation rushes up her spine. She took out the stone and beneath it was a wrapped note.

"Oh my goodness, coordinates and a bloodstone?.

she paused for abit and then realized

"Oh, the compass, the coordinates, Bloodstone, Aggrodius, this must be where you are."

She exclaimed as she collapsed back onto the chair.

spl lore divider.png

Lyanna's face flushed with joy and anxiety same time. Suddenly a loud stomp can be heard across Draykh-Nahka. She immediately stood up, wore the locket around her neck, closed the drawer, and lights her way back to the entrance. A green light flashes past her as she stands with her lamp. She tries to see what that was with her lamp, but it moves again. Then there's a chuckle that repeats itself and fades out. Whatever it was, it was taunting her. Another loud stump was heard, and she knew exactly what it was.

The air became filled with the dread of an impending battle as the enemy mustered it's forces. Draykh-Nahka would face the ultimate consequences if she did not accept the challenge it will mean the defeat of the place she now calls home. She was determined not to surrender without a fight.

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"Don't be a coward, show yourself"

LYANNA NATURA says, hoping for a response from whatever it was. Sure enough, the green-lit lamp approached her, and there stood a familiar enemy.

It was enemy-BROTUS grinning maniacally, a Tortisian skilled in magic. He had ascended to the level of summoner and has since taunted and summoned everyone who looks on as if he has something to prove. He walks around with a large trident and a lantern, both of which he uses for his evil attack. Because he worked against magic, his kind were dangerous. When enemy-BROTUS appeared in battle, he reduced his opponent's magical attack by -1, and he knew that as a result, Lyanna could not teleport in his presence. Furthermore, this was a violation of the combat rules.

"Isn't it typical of you, Bortus, to attack a helpless woman in the middle of the night?"

Lyanna says, her face solemn. enemy-BROTUS grunts and chuckles. giving her a sly look

"But you are not ordinary, and definitely not helpless 'Lyanna'. I should come grovel at your feet, the greatest summoner in Draykh-Nahka."

enemy-BROTUS He lashed out in a raspy voice and grunts.

Where is your husband? He's most likely imprisoned in a dungeon. I could help you find him if you just ask nicely and give me what I'm here for."

He laughed evilly. Lyanna, disgusted, spit on the ground and clutched her locket.

"I'd rather hand myself over to the chaos legion than seek assistance from you. And what are you here for, Brotus?"

enemy-BROTUS gives her an evil grin once more.

Words have that, Aggrodius Lightbringer possesses a rare blood stone required by the chaos legion in order to resurrect legendary gladius army for their use. I'm here to get it. 'Lyanna', surely you know where that is.

He said this as he moved closer to the attack.

LYANNA NATURA an 8-star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ seasoned summoner with powerful magic such as the Splinterlands have never seen before, quickly take her battle stance. She knew he was here for the locket and over her dead body would she let him have it as that was the only connection to finding her husband. Lyanna bends on one knew while resting her palm to the ground. Using powerful magic to communicate with all living things, She summons her most trusted warriors. Lyanna amplifies warriors fighting alongside with '+1 Max Health'.

spl page divider.png


element EARTH (5).png

Lyanna summoned her distant relative, FAILED SUMMONER who came running with the speed of light. Although he failed as a summoner, he however has proven himself as an excellent warrior who fights fiercely. He has no attack type, but his speed of +2 and health of +9 will take enemies by surprise. His 'magic reflect' ability does reduced damage back when hit by magic attack monster. He then 'Demoralizes' the enemies with melee attack and 'strengthens' the health of his team. A 10-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ warrior deserving of his moniker, of which LYANNA NATURA is well aware of. FAILED SUMMONER turns to look at his cousin, using his eyes to communicate, checking if she was alright. Lynna nods with a smile.

spl page divider.png


element EARTH (6).png

From the safety of the Eldest Tree, deep in the shrouded magic of Draykh-Nahka. SPIRIT OF THE FOREST can only be summoned to battle by a skilled summoner like Lyanna. A 4-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ warrior who has demonstrated her prowess. Her 'flying ability ' attacks non-flying enemies fiercely and using her 'snipe ability' targets ranged, magic and enemies monsters without an attack type who aren't in first line. Her ability works well to 'protect' her team by giving them double armor, whereas, her 'Tank heal' will help restore the health of FAILED SUMMONER each round. She is a bosom friend to Lyanna and greatly loved by her girls, Talia and Kiara.

spl page divider.png


element EARTH (7).png

There was a crackling sound from the forest and heavy loud footsteps approached causing the earth to tremble. A close ally of Lyanna, EARTH ELEMENTAL. A shape-shifter who can take different shapes and forms, the possibilities are endless. But no matter the form, EARTH ELEMENTAL has mystical healing powers that it draws from the earth. An 8-star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ warrior with the 'Heal ability ' to restore it's health each round in battle.

spl page divider.png


element EARTH (8).png

The began to shake again and cracked, suddenly a huge monstrous form emerged. It was DJINN BILJKA, the most powerful and oldest of the Belludae clan. It was also a shape shifter and simply impossible to kill. In terrible situations, It simply changes form and escapes. A 4-star⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ warrior deserving of It's moniker. The 'camouflage ability' makes it impossible to attack and kill except if placed in first position. It's 'void ability' helps reduce damage to it's health from magic attack enemies. Finally, It's 'weaken ability' reduces the health of all enemy monsters in combat.

spl page divider.png


element EARTH (4).png

Finally EPONA comes riding on her horse, looking all radiant and majestic. She is the half Sister to Lyanna and betrothed to a distant cousin of Aggrodius Lightbringer. A dreamer and lover of everything that grows. EPONA is the brightest daughter of the Lyveria kingdom. It will be worthy to note that EPONA bears a strong bond with SPIRIT OF THE FOREST , as it was her tears that resurrected EPONA back to life from the dead when she got crushed by the Giant craters. Now EPONA a magical being and can always be seen riding the horse she so much loves. Her magical powers 'strengthens' the health of her team, and using the 'divine shield' ignores first damage attack from enemies. EPONA also can 'repair' by fixing damaged shield of her team in combat. Finally should there be any negative effect like poison, then her 'immunity shields her from it. She is a 4-star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ magnificent warrior and well deserving, no wonder every suiter wanted EPONA for a wife and every young lady wanted her for a sister.

spl lore divider.png

As they all lined up for battle, a formidable team indeed, they ready their armor.

Enemy-BROTUS strikes the ground with his trident, the frozen lake that surrounds Draykh-Nahka melts and breaks open, causing a massive tsunami to sweep across the entire land. Lyanna, seeing this, immediately communicates with EPONA and SPIRIT OF THE FOREST, and the three of them stretch their hands forward, creating a prismatic edge of protection around the people of Draykh-Nahka.

Then comes his team of wicked monsters, enemy-BAAKJIRA in front line, enemy-TORRENT FIEND in second, enemy-AXEMASTER in third, and enemy-CRUSTACEAN KING in backline.

Destroy them all

enemy-BROTUS yells out to his monsters as they all charge forward to battle⚔️

spl page divider.png


ezgif.com-gif-maker (40).gif

55.JPGSUPER SNEAK: All Melee attack Monsters gain the Sneak ability and attack last monster on enemy lineup.
img_combat-rule_taking-sides_150 (1).pngTAKING SIDES : Neutral Monsters ⚔️ are not allowed in battle.

spl page divider.png

ezgif.com-gif-maker (41).gif

  • LYANNA NATURA gives all her team of monsters '+1 health' as expected.

  • ENEMY-BORTUS takes away '-1 magic' from DJINN BILJKA.

  • FAILED SUMMONER 'demoralizes' all enemy, reducing their melee attack damage and 'Strengthens' Lyanna team of monsters.

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST provides 'protection' for all team monsters.

  • DJINN BILJKA 'weakens' all enemy monsters.

  • EPONA provides 'divine protection' for all team monsters +2🛡️

  • ENEMY-BAAKJIRA 'slows' down Lyanna's team of monsters and 'strengthen' his team.

  • ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING also offers 'protection' for his enemy team.

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST immediately strikes at ENEMY-AXEMASTER removing his shield. This enrages him and he strikes back twice at FAILED SUMMONER.

  • EPONA seeing this quickly repairs up FAILED SUMMONER by restoring his shield +2🛡️

  • DJINN BILJKA and EARTH ELEMENTAL furiously take turns to strike back at ENEMY-BAAKJIRA affecting it's health, ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING restores back a portion of the enemies health.

spl lore divider.png

When ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING restored some of ENEMY- BAAKJIRA's health, it erupted in a rage that caused a great deal of turbulence. Lyanna fell, and her locket slipped from her neck, revealing what was inside. ENEMY-BORTUS' eyes lit up like a torch when he saw it, and he signaled ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING to retrieve it. Lyanna sprang forward, grabbed the locket before ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING could, and reattached it to her neck. Monsters attacking summoners was against combat rules, so he moved sideways back into battle.

spl lore divider.png

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST 'tank Heals' portion of FAILED SUMMONER'S health and immediately strikes at ENEMY-AXEMASTER, affecting his health -3. And again this enrages him cause a double strike back at FAILED SUMMONER. Removing his protective shield.

  • EPONA quickly heals up FAILED SUMMONER, activating divine protection and health +2🛡️

  • ENEMY-TORRENT FIEND strikes back at her for that, affact her shield -1.

  • DJINN BILJKA and EARTH ELEMENTAL furious take turns to strike back at ENEMY-BAAKJIRA affecting it's health -2, ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN King restores back a portion of the enemies health and quickly strikes at FAILED SUMMONER, affecting his health.

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST again strikes at ENEMY-AXEMASTER, this time deadly and kills him immediately - 3.

  • EPONA repairs FAILED SUMMONER'S, damaged shield +2🛡️

  • ENEMY-TORRENT FIEND strikes at her for that and removes her protective shield.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (42).gif

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST strikes at ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING removing -1 of its shield.

  • EPONA repairs back her shield cause its taken the most damage, immediately ENEMY-TORRENT FIEND attacks and takes away -1 of shield.

  • DJINN BILJKA and EARTH ELEMENTAL furious take turns to strike back at ENEMY-BAAKJIRA affecting it's health -4, ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING restores back a portion of the enemies health and quickly strikes at FAILED SUMMONER, removing his protective shield.

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST strikes back at ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING killing it immediately.

spl lore divider.png

The death of the ENEMY-CRUSTACEAN KING removed all enemy monsters' protection. "ENEMY-BORTUS" lashes out in rage, seeing his wicked team weaken, leaving the rest of the enemies vulnerable to massive damage from Lyanna's team. ENEMY-BAAKJIRA was a massive monster that would be extremely difficult to kill, this made "ENEMY-BORTUS" confident. He directs ENEMY-BAAKJIRA to get the job done.

LYNNA and TEAM take their stance and rush in to attack when they notice this.

spl lore divider.png

ezgif.com-gif-maker (43).gif

  • DJINN BILJKA and EARTH ELEMENTAL furious take turns to strike back at ENEMY-BAAKJIRA affecting it's health -2.

  • SPIRIT OF THE FOREST immediately swoops in and launches another attack on ENEMY-BAAKJIRA affecting its health further - 2.

  • ENEMY-BAAKJIRA heals himself up +4 health. ENEMY-TORRENT FIEND strikes at EPONA and removes her shield but she repairs it back.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (44).gif

The battle had gotten heated up now and indeed ENEMY-BAAKJIRA was a strong resistance.

LYANNA signals it's weak point to her team and immediately DJINN BILJKA and EARTH ELEMENTAL Both launch a deadly strike at ENEMY-BAAKJIRA affecting it's health -2. SPIRIT OF THE FOREST takes advantage using all her might, with accurate range attack targeting it's ventral pleats, strikes a deadly. ENEMY-BAAKJIRA dropped heavily, causing another great turbulence.
For a moment they all stood, watching, waiting for it to move again. But it did not.

As soon as ENEMY-TORRENT FIEND saw this, it tried to attack EPONA but EARTH ELEMENTAL reaches out and strikes, killing it immediately.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (45).gif

FLAWLESS VICTORY. The Enemy is vanquished!


spl lore divider.png

"Very well done,"

LYANNA praised, completely drenched and her locket clutched tightly.

The rest of the team erupted in triumph. As they all turn to leave, *ENEMY BROTUS* approaches Lyanna and tries to seize the locket, but she sees him coming and, using her powerful magic, light emerges from her hands, causing *ENEMY BORTUS* to vanish into thin air.

Her team took a bow as they all turned to face her. SPIRIT OF THE FOREST uses her powers to force the water back into the lake and freeze it once more. She removes the prismatic protection now that Draykh-Nahka is safe. EPONA embraces Lynna before mounting her horse and riding back into the wild.

Lyanna exhales a deep sigh of relief while still clutching the locket. She then takes it off her neck and looks at it again. She smiles at the thought of finding her husband, AGGROED LIGHTBRINGER.

"I'm on my way love, I'll find you"

Lyanna whispers to herself and exhales deeply. She was not going to give up now.


🌬💀🔥🍃🌊🐉⚔️The End⚔️🐉🌊🍃🔥💀🌬

spl page divider.png


download (4).png

I definitely like LYANNA NATURA, she's absolutely adorable. Lyanna can be very loving and daring same time when her loved ones are threatened. Before now, I have not been using as a summoner in battle, but lately I always make sure to engage her. Her summoner abilities to grant +1 max health is amazing, to think she only cost 3 mana points in battle, absolutely unmatched. This only demonstrates that if you play the Earth Unit and at the low mana then engaging her with this team lineup gives an 85% chance of victory. My strategy worked very well. It was a good lineup and strategy for this battle.

〽️Let's look at the current market value of LYANNA NATURA〽️


This amazing card comes in 2 editions. The Alpha and Beta versions, not sure what happened and why, but there you have it. The Regular Alpha is 14$, and Beta is 6$ at current market. While for rentals she goes for 0.307/Dec per day. Level 1 at 60CP. At max level she goes goes for 59.5/dec, Level 8 at 7,245CP. There's been a 25% average drop in price, prolly some market activities so we later boarders can afford it. Good news for us🔥


dayuuum😆!!! The value on this card is unmatched. The Regular Alpha is 1647$, and Beta is 69$ at current market. While for rentals she goes for 0.307/Dec per day. Level 1 at 60CP. At max level she goes goes for 988.5/Dec, Level 8 at 69,300CP. It's an amazing card, not at-all surprised at the value placed on.

〽️Let's Hot Gossip a little about LYANNA NATURA'S possible Love Life and Family Tree〽️

Splinterlands Lore has this to say about Lyanna Natura👇

"Lyanna Natura is married to Aggrodius Lightbringer, and they live together in Draykh-Nahka with their two daughters, Kiara and Talia".

bigger fam tree.png

  • 🍃LYANNA NATURA: "the greatest summoner from Anumün. She has many powers in addition to summoning, including her ability to communicate clearly with animals."

  • 🌬KIARA LIGHTBRINGER: "Kiara is the younger of the two daughters of the famous summoner couple Aggroedius Lightbringer and Lyanna Natura."

  • 🔥TALIA FIRESTORM: "Talia is the older of the two daughters of celebrity summoner couple Aggroedius Lightbringer (Life Splinter) and Lyanna Natura (Earth Splinter)."

  • AGGRODIUS LIGHTBRINGER: ??? There is yet to be record of who Lyanna's Husband is as currently, there is no summoner bearing his name/Identity. So who is AGGRODIUS LIGHTBRINGER? Will he be part of the Riftwaters? or Probably a later Edition. I am so curious. Although, the only close link we can say to this Mystery character might be one of Splinterlands Founder Dr. Jesse “Aggroed” Reich.


🤣I mean don't you also think the names alike ?AGGRODIUS/AGGROED? could the avatar be a sneak peak to who AGGRODIUS is?. Well I hope this get's to his ears and let him know we are eager to have the celebrity summoner AGGRODIUS LIGHTBRINGER come on board.

spl page divider.png


btc-hive-hbd (2).png

  • ⬆️BTC has tired to stay alive at 20k, and as we know, whatever the trend is, directly impacts our beloved Hive which is trading at 0.48$, it was up to 5.3$ a couple hours again. Speaking of unstable, who missed the HBD pump to 3$? I know I did, not that i had something to make good the opportunity but hey! FOMO😂


  • SPS AIRDROP OFFICIALLY ENDED 2 HOURS AGO. For most of us, it was a very emotional day. Alot of gratitude and such. Fantastic team & event held at Splinterlands HQ Discord with both founders in attendance. It just goes to show how short a year is. I joined the game late and couldn't relate 100%, but I'm grateful to have freely claimed a substantial amount of SPS. There will be a massive update that will change the game plan. Hopefully not geared towards rich become richer and poor become .... but that it will favor everyone in the game, especially peasant players like myself🤞😢


  • Splintershards (SPS) will now have atleast 3 use cases and this I believe will drastically reflect on the price. Currently being traded for 0.11079349$ 0.10577$ and seen a +7.33% boost since the end of event. Good news for invested players with staked SPS will make this expensive. Hence, Players are buying and buying in. Good for the game, good for us all.


  • Whereas the main in-game token DEC, will no longer be earned but bought off the market. It's use case remains to buy chaos packs and rent cards. Currently trading at 0.00101612$ 0.00138$, I bet it went down during the past week, but now at a +2.41% price increase in the last 24hrs. I guess the hype did alot of good to these tokens, let's see what this new week brings us. May we always be happy!!!



  • More and More updates!!! each week comes with it's surprises😂. Well this new update is sorta cool. New Dashing League and Focus Icons is now LIVE!!! people.


[LEFT] I like the new League icons, though they'll take some time to get used to. [RIGHT] In addition to SPLINTERS, we now have the option of focusing on ABILITIES. This will aid in diversifying strategies rather than limiting them to a single type of splinter strategy. It will also take some getting used to, as I will constantly need to consult the manual to figure out what the hell my damn focus icon wants from me. The good news is that we can still earn points even if we do not use the designated focus. TBF, I no longer know what good or bad is until I start hating it.😂

  • Earning Merits in Chest is also now LIVE!!! I earned a few from daily quest and am looking forward to purchasing Gladius packs now that I've accumulated a decent amount in order to pull some Legendries. That's how I'm "thinking" about the math, at least.🍀🤞

  • We are all tired of the Bot farming, playing bots instead of real players and want Splinterlands long term. New Update has it that once ECR get below 50%, it'll no longer be a deduction of 1% but 5%. This is bad bots as they will not longer be able to loot chest i.e earn season points. Here's something you may want to watch with respect to that👇

spl page divider.png

Do as you wish with all info above. 🍀MAYBE THE ODDS FOREVER BE IN OUR FAVOUR✊. Disclaimer alert: I am not a crypto expert. THIS IS NO FINANCIAL ADVICE FAM, JUST ME BLABBING🤣.


😊Alrighty, that will be all about my social media challenge for this week. I hope you enjoyed the Tale, battle and market blabs as much as I did. If you've used LYANNA NATURA in battle(s), please I welcome your opinion and recommendations on whether she's worth collecting and having on deck. If you have not, I put forward to you a challenge⚔️

If you want to take part in this Splinterlands' challenge, simply visit 👉Splinterlands Social Media Challenge! to read up more.









Worthy Notes:


LYANNA'S FAMILY TREE ASSEMBLED BY ME IN PHOTOSHOP WITH ALL IMAGES FROM WWW.SPLINTERLANDS.COM & OFFICIAL DISCORD SERVER , Draykh-Nahka , Sword , Family Tree , Picture frame 1 , Picture frame 2 , Picture frame 3 , Picture frame 4 , Question mark(?) , Rings

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✅Edited Splinterlands text dividers in PS5 as provided freely by freeztag.

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😊Until next Splinterlands SocialMedia Challenge, Hive, Vibe & Be Lucky🍀

All content is mine unless otherwise Noted
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Wow bahen what an story once again?
Lyana is awesome.I am very glad to hear that she finally found her husband location.I like her spirit not to escape the fight as she wanted to rescue her husband.

Dqueenstar wins the battle in the end.
I must appreciate your imagination power.Great writing.


Hello Bhai☺️
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I have to be honest, you are very clumsy at games. Nevertheless, my admiration you generate wonderful stories. You have a creativity that makes the pen fly, my congratulations and appreciation for your ingenuity.
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