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Hello, Battle Mages! We're only 4 days away from the End of the Season. It's been an amazing Splinter week for me grinding the leaderboard, I hope the battlefield have been kind to your my friend.
It's another hour of glory, and the amazing warriors of the GUILD OF NEOXIAN have taken their place on the great Mount Mox. A raucous crowd of thousands have gathered once again in the vast arena to witness what will undoubtedly be a battle of the Legends, a Warrior at a time against their Enemy. The Brawl champions will receive a large amount of rare Splintershards and Golden crowns. I was assigned to the Wild Gold Fray 5 , which allowed all monsters from different Eras to compete, and all battles were kept fair, kill or be killed, to honor the Dragonborne's prophecy of a united Gloridax made hundreds of years ago.

In the enchanting realm of Splinterlands, the Wild Format hosted a magnificent brawl with constraints that posed unique challenges. A silenced summoner where summoners do not grant any buffs or abilities, and a battlefield brimming with briar patches that gave every monster the thorn ability, the scene is set for a grand clash.

This fantastic Brawl was set at 45 Mana cap, so I went with the 🌊Water Splinter and got matched with @MAGICSMURF THE PEAKMONSTERS LEGIONNAIRE who picked 🍃Earth Splinter.


Silenced Summoners: In a rare move, the summoners of this brawl gave no buffs or debuffs, making players strategize around monster capabilities rather than relying on summoner strengths.

Briar Patch: Every monster was armed with thorns, making each melee attack a double-edged sword, where the attacker suffered damage in return.

Unprotected: Armor was a luxury none could afford in this brawl. The focus? High HP and healing abilities.

Given these rules, my lineup was then chosen, setting the stage for a Rumble.



The brave summoner Keyla Frendul led his formidable team against a dreadful lineup of enemies. The choice was clear for my team's summoner - a strategic low mana card, it allowed the allocation of more mana to powerful monsters. This summoner would usually buff his team with the +1 Speed and +1 Defense, but unfortunately the Silenced ruleset doesn't allow for summoners to give any buffs or debuffs.

BAAKJIRA - The Strengthener

A healing powerhouse, this monster led the frontline. Its Slow and Strengthen abilities were a game-changer

KULU MASTERMIND - The weapons Trainer

This Melee monster, equipped with Weapons Training and Shield abilities, showcased its brilliance by targeting the enemy's weakest links.

DEEPLURKER - The Poisonous Opportunist

Another Melee force with a knack for Opportunity and Poison.

RIVER HELLONDALE - The resurrector

A magic wielder, possessing the power to resurrect fallen allies. Also to Inspire team monsters, and Dispel enemies debuffs.

AXEMASTER- The Punisher

The star of the battle. A ranged attacker, its Double Strike and Close Range abilities were pivotal to the outcome.

WAVE BROOD - The Taunter

Its Close Range and Void abilities made it a significant threat to adversaries.


The enemy were formidable: Enemy Summoner - Obsidian led by Enemy-Quora Towershead, Enemy-Spirit Hoarder, Enemy-Tortisian Chief, Enemy-Goblin Psychic, Enemy-Mycelic Slipspawn and Enemy-Uloth Dhampir. As the battle commenced, the added Thorns ability was given to all monsters and all Defense shield taken away as per ruleset.

The early advantage was apparent. All team monsters were bestowed with the Inspire and Strengthen abilities, and Baakjira slowed down the enemies by -1 speed point. Axemaster's first strike was fierce, targeting the taunting Enemy-Mycelic Slipspawn with a punishing double damage. This initial onslaught was followed by successive strikes from Kulu Mastermind and Deeplurker, crippling the Enemy-Slipspawn.

As the battle raged, it was evident that no side would concede easily. Enemy-Uloth Dhampir managed to take down Wave Brood, but **River Hellondale's **magic resurrected him in an act of defiance. But the revival was short-lived as the persistent Enemy-Goblin Psychic struck down Wave Brood once again. The enemies were relentless, taking down Baakjira.


However, Kulu Mastermind, though on the brink of death, retaliated by slaying Enemy-Quora Towershead. It was a momentary victory, for the thorns killed Kulu Mastermind as well. Deeplurker stepped up, but with just a single health point left, he struck down the Enemy-Tortisian Chief, only to be killed by the thorns as well.

ezgif.com-crop (1).gif

Axemaster, the hero of the hour, standing Alone and against two enemy monsters, he showcased his true power. With unparalleled finesse, he annihilated the Enemy-Goblin Psychic with a single Double Strike. The final blow was intense; Axemaster, fueled with vengeance, faced Enemy-Uloth Dhampir and unleashed a devastating triple strike, marking the end of the enemy and sealing the legend of Axemaster. 💪WINNER💪





AXEMASTER, consistently stands out as an amiable force on the battlefield. Let's discuss why a little abit here:

Double Strike Ability: Axemaster's primary and arguably most potent ability is the Double Strike. This means he gets two attacks for every turn. In a game like Splinterlands where each attack, each point of damage, can be crucial, this ability alone can determine the champion.

Close Range: This is where things get even more interesting. Normally, ranged monsters can't attack from the front row, but Axemaster defies this rule. Being able to place a strong ranged attacker like him in the front, especially in the absence of melee monsters or specific rulesets, is a good advantage.

Cripple at Level 6: Reducing the maximum health of the attacked enemy? That's a game-changer. This ability ensures that even if Axemaster doesn't kill an opponent rightaway, they're left weakened for a few rounds.

🗡Perfect Team warriors for Axemaster

Summoners: Axemaster, with its multiple attacks, benefits immensely from summoners that boost ranged attacks. Summoners like Mylor Crowling or Keyla Frendul can improve his attack abilities.

Frontline Tanks with Heal: Given Axemaster's Close Range ability, he can sometimes be placed in front. But ideally, you'd want a sturdy tank in front of him to absorb damage. Monsters like Baakjira, which has the Heal ability, ensure Axemaster has the time to launch his double assaults without being the primary target.

Monsters with Opportunity: Since Axemaster deals heavy damage, monsters with Opportunity, such as Kulu Mastermind and Deeplurker, can capitalize on this by targeting weakened foes. They can effectively mop up enemies that Axemaster has softened up with his attacks.

Monsters with Speed Reduction: Since Axemaster doesn't have the highest speed, pairing him with monsters that can reduce enemy speed (like Baakjira) ensures that he gets to attacks before others.

Resurrecting Allies: In prolonged battles, Axemaster, despite his prowess, can fall. Having team monsters like River Hellondale or if going with dragon Oshuur Constatia that can resurrect ensures he gets a second chance to unleash terror.

When Axemaster is engaged thoughtfully and in the right team, you'll gain absolute control of the Splinterlands battlefield.

card stat.JPG

AXEMASTER is the star asset every Splinterlands enthusiast should possess. An Epic card, with a rental cost of ~0.350 DEC at level 1, and surging to ~186.070 DEC at Level 6, its worth is undeniable. A regular foil Axemaster costs $3.168, while the gold foil version fetches a handsome $36.50.

ttcard stat.JPG

This card has an impressive stat even at level ★1, he has a 2-point Range attack, 4-Rpeed points, 5-Health point and a starting ability of Double strike [Monster attacks twice each round]. At max level ★6, 3-Range points, 4-Speed point, 7-Health point and with added two more abilities of Close range [Can perform ranged attacks from the first position] and the Cripple [Each time an enemy is hit by a Monster with Cripple it loses one max health]. Very Impressive card indeed, a pace setter, a game changer on the battlefield.


I did enjoy all the battle. I had 9 battles in total and crushed all enemies, giving me a clean sweep brawl. As a guild we got rewarded with 189.310 Splintershards, 190 Golden crowns and 10,857 Merits to purchase Gladius packs, a realm where Battles mages can own Soulbound Gladiators.

MR DRAGON THE PRAETORIAN and his whole team of fantastic warriors did well to destroy their enemies. As always we make made a bold display, though finishing second this time around [mind you we average #1, so don't be mistaken because we are the best].

As a guild we only Celebrate being first because we are truly competitive. I can only imagine us all with the spirit of Will Ferrell😂🤣 #jokes We will be kicking butt next brawl💪🔥


I enjoy participating in brawls and seeing how well my guild has been doing, thanks to our Amazing Guild Officer Xawi the great warrior. We work together to give it our all. Makes it all worth it in the end❤️


I used 12,000 MERITS from brawl awards to purchase 6 gladius packs and threw them into mana well swirl, Behold;


I pulled 15 unique Gladiators, some with multiple copies for leveling up. I was glad to have pulled a LEGENDARY FINA VOXOM of the 🔥Fire splinter and other amazing Bloodlust Gladiators🔥.

😆Alrighty, that will be all about this weeks Brawl battle report and social media challenge. If you want to know what's happening in the splinterverse or want take part in the Splinterlands' challenge or view other latest battle challenge by other Splinterlands warriors, simply visit 👉Splinterlands Social Media Page to stay up-to-date [🛎turn on notification🛎].

Crypto is pumping gradually, hopefully Moon Soon, 🍀MAY THE ODDS FOREVER BE IN OUR FAVOUR✊.


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😊Until next Splinterlands Brawl, Hive, Vibe & Be Lucky🍀

Worthy Notes:


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✅My gratitude to the GUILD OF NEOXIAN for guild support.

✅Awesome Splinterlands Gold League page dividers by Nane-Qts



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Once again, you shine sis! Excellent job with your victory! Thanks for sharing! Love ya much!🤗😘💖🍁🍂🌻


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