Gauntlet Wild Bronze Invitational 07/31/22 Tournament Report

Gauntlet Wild Bronze Invitational

Atop the cliffs overlooking Khymeria's Crystalline Harbor stands Cloudgard, the fortified garrison of the Order of the Silvershield. Outside its walls is The Gauntlet, a summoning arena and a major source of income for the Order. During the Gauntlet Invitational, thousands of spectators fill its stands to cheer on battle mages from across the Splinterlands.

Tournament id: 54323b4ce6ff00c827089646f3a47fe7ba74f047   Tournament Start Date: 13:00:00 07/31/22 UTC
Minimum Entrants: 4   Maximum Entrants: None   Total Entrants: 91
Entry Fee: 200 SPS   Alternative Fee: 5 SPS for Bronze to Silver   Minimum SPS stacked: 5850   Minimum Power: 39281
Tournament Format: Swiss   Prize in USD: 364

Read between the sky and every piece of the Earth

Earth was the most picked element, with 294 of 1054! These are the amount each Element and Summoner were chosen, forfeited games are not taken into account:

Know Your Enemy

Need help beating the meta? Find out how well any summoner did against the top 5 most picked Summoners!

Scary monsters, super creeps

Top 50 picked monsters as each element







When I First wanted I never ever thought twice

Summoners chosen by bluelightning

Player Name: bluelightning   Player since: 12/26/2021   Player Power:442025   Player Rating: 900
Current League: Bronze
Won Against: xg4028,sakuraba,hewitt,imril,mehlsen,kimchiiiii,irfanmemon,hijueputa,applekah,hg-hs,torran,johnmelissaski,voidwalk,uey,badbitches
Lost to: jafa

Ain't in the race for Second place

Summoners chosen by voidwalk

Player Name: voidwalk   Player since: 08/07/2021   Player Power:67615   Player Rating: 300
Current League: Bronze
Won Against: schnapoon,bscw946,joelog2281,instamental,albee,alphakingboss,tonsonkoji,telemon,az-hs,telemon,torran,jafa,johnmelissaski,uey,badbitches
Lost to: eijffelbridge,kjchemical,bluelightning

It's quite possible that I'm your Third man, girl

Summoners chosen by kjchemical

Player Name: kjchemical   Player since: 11/16/2021   Player Power:202535   Player Rating: 1026
Current League: Bronze
Won Against: brooder,reppilc,roguepatton,djrockx,thelegend123,comegetsome,northtribe,khangthecat,creeptor,torran,jafa,johnmelissaski,voidwalk,badbitches
Lost to: beatbyanoob,aubryd,uey

You've got the money and the Power

Find out how well players from each league did!

Power league meaning the league which the player has enough power to be in. League being the league where the player was in by the time the report was made.
Days until the end of the season: 13

Phase 1 Group 1 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 2 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 3 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 4 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 5 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 6 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 7 Swiss Bracket

Phase 1 Group 8 Swiss Bracket

Phase 2 Group 1 Swiss Bracket

Phase 2 Group 2 Swiss Bracket

Phase 2 Group 3 Swiss Bracket


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