Splinterlands Art Contest! // Week 164 // The path of Tarsa


Hi everyone.
Congratulations to the 163th contest winners, awesome.

This is my entry to the 164th Splinterlands Art Contest.
You can go to the contest from this link.

The precise moment when Tasa comes face to face with a beast of fire, lava and ash.
Spolier: he is no match for Tarsa.
I present to you: The path of Tarsa.
The path of Tarsa.jpg


My process.
Creatively it all began, imagine the great beasts of Chaos Legion against Tarsa.

Digital sketch.
The path of Tarsa sketch.jpg

I made a mask with the body so that it encapsulates everything
Captura de Pantalla 20211123 a las 1.48.17 a.m..png

I had the idea that Tarda has fire in her hands, so I did tests with the gradient so that the colors of the background are not confused with the fire of Tarsa.Captura de Pantalla 20211123 a las 1.49.26 a.m..png

When I made the base where Tarsa would be standing I had to lower it because if it wasn't very high.Captura de Pantalla 20211123 a las 1.50.51 a.m..png

Add the giant's eyes and draw the black clouds of a great battleCaptura de Pantalla 20211123 a las 1.51.53 a.m..png

When I thought that everything was finished, improve the neck and add a couple of extra clouds so that the yellow does not get lost with the white, the more smoke in this ballata the better.The path of Tarsa.jpg

Captura de Pantalla 20211123 a las 1.54.20 a.m..png
Captura de Pantalla 20211123 a las 1.54.12 a.m..png

Let me know if you liked it! ;)

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