Splinterlands Leasing Cards, Is It Still Worthy ?

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Hello everyone, welcome back to Ramadhanight's Hive Blog on Splinterlands Social Media Challenge's Session. Splinterlands are not just considered as a game, but also an investment instrument, with leasing card is one of the option. Is it still worthy to lease SPL cards ? let's check it out !


Splinterlands As Investment Potential

Who comes for splinterlands because they are said Play To Earn Games ? Well I do ! And after playing this game for several years, i realize that there is many way to earn from this game.
#1. Reward from battle
Well, this is the most common way, and it's worked really way on it's peak. On the glorious day, we could earn a LOT of money by playing ranked match, and earn DEC (that day) with high value. But with the winter of crypto, the reward are having way less value.
#2. Stake SPS
Splinterlands are offers nice return by staking SPS in form of voucher and sps itself, and with newest reward system, staking sps giving more value with reward multiplier are depend on sps stake. But be carefull because the current battle reward is in form of sps, so yeah, the inflation is real.
#3. Leasing Card
With the basic cards or low level card that giving penalty for battle reward, own or renting required card is important to get reward from ranked match, this is gives opportunity to lease cards for other players that need them,



Card Leasing Development

Well, everything has it's up and down, and just like other crypto, splinterlands having the same effect as well. Renting once become a very profitable, but with the winter, it's having massive downgrade in term of profit. I could see some player having less than 5% APR because it's just that bad. Less player (and bots ?) due to less value reward and over supply of cards is main factor that I believe as the problem root. Just take a look at how much the CL packs launched and how the dev give it to players as ranked battle rewards.


There Is Still Opportunity Lies?

Well, if we are looking for great APR, then we need to take a look at the site that accomodate it. On this case, i use peakmonsters to see the APR of cards from modern format with bronze level cap

There is still monster that having nearly or more than 20% APR which is a great number in my opinion, and Djinn Apprentice is the example with 22.83% APR estimation

From water element, there is rivery nymph with around 29% of APR !

On earth element, I see less potential, it's just the overprice kron that having great APR, but just take a look at how overprice it is probable due to EoS.

Well you can doing the complete scan as well on the peakmonster, just makes sure about few things:
#1. The price as comparison is the same or nearly same with lv 1 cards or copies needed to get the level
#2. The price is pretty stable even after EoS

And don't forget the capital gain or loss that you will get, who knows how much the card value when the next bull run comes ?



With the winter of crypto, splinterlands income have declined, and leasing cards are having the impact as well. Less player and bots combined with over supply of cards is the main root problem IMO. Yet, the rental market still having it's spark, but need carefully scanning before investing. And keep in mind this situation might change when the next bull run comes !


Final Words

Thank you for kindly read my post, i hope you enjoyed this post. If you haven't play #Splinterland (the greatest battle card game), you can start join this #Play2Earn game using

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Note : This is Not a Financial Advice and I'm Not an Advisor

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