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~Lore of The Lava Spider~

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Few explorers dare to go deep within the volcanoes of the world. Tales are told of great spiders that weave threads of fire and trap their enemies in webs of flame. An inescapable and painful death.

When the Chaos Legion entered the Splinterlands through the great volcano in the center of Praetoria, they saw the lava spiders and used them to their advantage. Transporting these spiders into areas that need defense is a win-win for both groups. For the Chaos Legion, it is an easy barrier to ward off unwanted visitors. And for the lava spiders, they get free meals from the curious, the foolish, and the unwary adventurers that seek to strike at the Chaos Legion.
The dwarven warrior crept his way towards a long stretch of stone corridor. It had taken him months to find this secret entrance within the dense jungle. A hideout for supporters of the Chaos Legion. He intended to destroy them all and make safe the area once again.

He made his way silently into the corridor, gripping his dagger tightly. But as he trekked further into the darkness, he felt the heat increase. A heavy frown crossed his features. That wasn't right. Why was it getting so hot?

He turned a corner and stifled an alarmed cry. Crisscrossing the corridor were strands of spiderwebs that glowed red hot. He brought his dagger up, but it was too late. A searing pain stabbed into his back.

He was unconscious by the time the burning web was wrapped around him.

Source: Lore



Battle Link : Battle Replay


My Lineup's Explanation :

PS: Before reading the explanation of my lineup, please remember that i played on silver league (but my deck only have lv 1 summoner) with 29 mana cap, water splinter is the only unavailable splinter to be used.



I always think that Yodin Zaku is the best summoner for lava spider because he gave 1 addition range atk and the most important thing is the blast ability. Combine with the snipe ability by lava spider, they would gave a massive blast atk to the enemies, but since i don't have that Yodin Zaku, Tarsa is my chosen Summoner. With +1 addition to phisical atk and health, she is a pretty solid summoner to be used. She suit with lava spider because she gave addition health for lava spider, which is useful because i try to make the spider lava as a hitter that also become a backline tanker to take damage from enemies with sneak atk.

Front Row

Living lava was my front monster, with the shield ability to reduce enemies physical atk and 2 armor on him, i expect him to hold as many damage as possible while trying to give enemies a hard damage with 4 physical atk. This monster main problem is his very low speed (1) and his decent health that become a weakness against magical monster. Living lava is suitable with lava spider because if the enemies are using more physical damager, this monster could tank many turn as giving the lava spider time to hit enemies hitter.

Second Monster

Tenyii Striker is a very solid monster, he got 6 health (7 with tarsa help), and 2 physical atk (3 with tarsa help) plus the sneak ability to wipe enemies backline. I put this monster as a second monster because he got the same amount of health as living lava, so i wanted him to become a secondary tanker to protect my main damager. This monster is suit the lava spider because they were both hit enemies backline (but yeah tenyii got sneak, while living lava is snipe), plus this tenyii could become a secondary tanker as well.

Third Monster

Serpentine Spy is my third monster. Basically, this monster is my main hitter because he got 2 phyisical atk (3 with the help of tarsa), got pretty high speed (3), and opportunity ability that makes him a very aggresive and effective assasin. His main Problem is his very low health (1, and become 2 with the help of Tarsa). I put him on 3rd line to protect him from front and sneak monster attack. He is suitable with living lava because serpentine spy could become a very great attacker while living lava could take the damage from sneak enemies with his pretty high health.

Fourth Monster

The Fourth monster i set is Uraeus. Uraeus is a monster you can use with every splinter since he is a neutral monster. This monster is very effective to be used with Tarsa and fire monster to increase the damage for the backline enemies (Uraeus got sneak ability). Along with tenyii, they both could give 5 damage total to enemies backline. And with 1 armor, uraeus could delay some enemies attacker from killing him and hit the main hitter. I put it as fourth monster to help protect the serpentine Spy (My main hitter). He is suitable with lava spider because he can help to wipe backline enemies with his sneak ability while the lava spider tank him from backline enemies.

Fifth Monster

Scavo Firebolt is my fifth monster because with 4 mana, he offer you 4 health and 2 range atk which is pretty good as an attacker nor backline tanker. You could see that i use more backline hitter with sneak and opportunity. But i think i need 1 monster to help my tanker wipe enemies tanker as well because after some turn, sometimes it's very important to wipe enemies tanker and give as much damage as possible, especially when enemies got taunt ability. This is why i choose scavo firebolt. I put him as fifth monster because he got range atk so he need to put on backline, and his 4 healh could help to tank the damage from sneak enemies to protect my main damager. He suit the lava spider as he gave pretty high damage while lava spider could tank him from sneak enemis.

Sixth Monster

Last but not least, the sixth monster is should be the challenge monster-lava spider. With only 3 mana, he got 4 health (5 with help of Tarsa), 1 range atk, and snipe ability. He is a very effective hitter if you got yodin zaku, but since i don't have that Summoner, so i use him differently. I try to use lava spider as a backline tanker to prevent sneak enemies to kill my hitter while trying my luck to hit with his snipe ability. He is not the best monster to tank enemies backline, but on some mana cap you have to choose the most effective monster to do this job, and i think he is a pretty effective monster to do that.


Does My Strategy is Worked ? :

It's not going as that i think, as the enemies are using earth splinter with magic attacker and no sneak attacker at all. But in the end, i still win the match. My mission to wipe enemies hitter and support went well because enemies don't have armor on their backline.


About Lava Sider :

What i like about lava spider :
What i like about lava spider is he got low mana and pretty high health, plus range atk that could help from backline and snipe ability to assasinate enemies hitter or support;
What i don't like about this monster :
His attack is very low, he only got 1 attack, if you don't have Yodin Zaku or Selenia Sky, this snipe ability won't worked well because with just 1 damage, you will barely kill enemies without help of other sniper.


When to Use Lava Spider :

I suggest you to use this monster only for this situation:
1. When you got low mana cap (25 or less);
2. When you got Yodin Zaku or Selenia Sky;
3. When there is no armor rules.


When to Avoid using Lava Spider :

I don't recommend you to use this monster for situation:
1. On a battle with very high mana to spend. There are just many more greater monster with higher mana cost;
2. When there is +2 armor ruleset. You won't hit anyone because he only got 1 attack.



Lava Spider is a pretty good monster with only 3 mana cost needed. With snipe ability, he could turn into an effective hitter if combined with Yodin Zaku or Selenia Sky, and with his 4 health, he could become a backline tanker to prevent enemies sneaking your hitter.


Final Words

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