Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!! My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Art Character Name-"CENTAUR COMMON NEUTRAL MONSTER"

Hello Everybody,
How are you,I am Fine.I hope all are well.Today I am back with

Splinterlands Social Media Challenge!! My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge Art Character Name-CENTAUR COMMON NEUTRAL MONSTER". Hi Everyone, this is my 2nd time joining at Splinterlands Art Contest. I make a fan art for"CENTAUR COMMON NEUTRAL MONSTER"

My Final Art-


This week Splinterlands social Media challengeMy Entry link ,If you can join this link


Now I will take the picture for art from "CENTAUR COMMON NEUTRAL MONSTER"
this link

Now I will use for art bellow this meterial .
Firstly 'CENTAUR COMMON NEUTRAL MONSTER" image to take in photoshop then used to some tools
Pencil-HB2 which used for drawing
Have to used for 12 color pencil
Used for Eraser
A4 size paper
Now I will share here my tips and strategies that I followed to win this battle.
My working process of drawing the splinterlands social media challenge
I will show step by step


I know this is the first scene of my drawing
Some parts of my drawing work After finishing some work, I felt that the whole work would not be good Even then I didn’t move away from myself.
I think every task requires skill, patience and attention
I have every quality of them so I was able to finish the first stage of my drawing


Now I will start the second phase of my drawing .Whatever it is, it would be nice to see it painted properly.At this stage it is time to finish the work .The work of drawing has to be completed by combining one color with another


Now I am often away from my work.I think it is a popular media through which a person can showcase his talent.I am drawing the attention of the admin of this group,Please help us.


Guys I try that My drawing will be very attractive ,I do not know that how mush possible I can do it but I hope if my splinterlands social media can alaways support me so i will be success


My Referal link(https://steemmonsters.com/?p=collection&a=ratanali)

tenor (1).gif

My Twitter Link(https://twitter.com/ratanal30781421)


We are better off with your cooperation
I hope I can do something

I finished my design ,I hope Everybody will be support to me that will be increase our attention
No more today
Thanks Everybody


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