How to transfer from Metamask to HIVE, send crypto from Coinbase to HIVE, and how to swap crypto for HIVE, SPS, and DEC.


I have added a step-by-step photo of how to transfer tokens like ETH from Metamask to HIVE. Although, I do not recommend it, as the gas fees are extremely high right now when I'm writing this, and unless you have a lot of funds to send, it's not worth the fees it will cost you to transfer to the HIVE blockchain. In the image below, you will see the red box explaining how much they recommend you send to get the most of the gas fees.


Go to this website --> and then follow the steps shown in the image below.

Connect your HIVE Keychain to the website. (It's safe to use, as it's the recommended way to transfer, according to Splinterlands community.)

Screenshot (154).png


I personally don't recommend this as a way to buy HIVE, SPS, or DEC. I have Coinbase and will transfer Litecoin from my Coinbase wallet right into my HIVE wallet. Litecoin has extremely small fees to transfer, and it's a coin you can swap for HIVE.

Here is a step-by-step on how to transfer to your HIVE wallet.

Screenshot (158).png

Screenshot (159).png


Now we are going to swap Litecoin for HIVE, then you can swap HIVE for SPS or DEC.

Go to this website and connect your HIVE Keychain. Once connected, follow the steps in the picture below.

Screenshot (160).png

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