Brawl Report #24 - Back To Hell



So this week, our guild decided to try our luck with the higher tier brawls and well... As expected, we faced pretty serious hell...

Surprisingly, we did not get the last place but second last instead, with 34 Wins and 87 Loses.


Nevertheless, I cannot complain much as my own individual performance is disappointing as well.


3 Wins and 6 Loses, Win to Lose Ratio of 1:2. Normally it should be the other way round, so yea...

Nevertheless, I do have a really exciting match to show! I am incredibly proud to share this little achievement on my side!


Now anyone looking at this lineup would surely expect an awesome ass whopping which will make my butt so sore I will not be able to sit for days. We are facing Kron, Llama, Quora, all combined into one! But hey, I was really lucky to have thought of a good lineup and it ensured a victory! If you are free, please do have a view it is oddly satisfying for myself, a stroke of dumb luck!

Now back to the tier, my Guild Mates are still conflicted if we should stay at a higher tier or at a lower tier. Pardon me for being selfish, but I myself felt that we should be at a lower tier for a couple of reasons

  1. I realised that every brawl, there are a couple of black sheeps that did not fully enter their teams. Therefore, having higher tier brawls is meant to give more of our guild mates to participate, but some of us not submitting their lineups makes this a bit wasted
  2. Tabulating the total amount of merits that we receive as a whole, we will gain more merits at a lower tier (Individual Merits Awarded X Total Number of Participants for Brawl). This is because we are achieving significantly better results at lower tier thus rewarded with more merits
  3. Lastly, ironically as well, precisely we would have to stay in the lower tier in order for us to compete in the higher tier. As we speak, the first place are earning 6k merits per brawl and second place earning 5k merits per brawl. This means that on top of their already insane cards, they would have opened way more Gladius Case and have way stronger Gladiators. Suppose if we were to compete at their level, we would be losing a lot and the opportunity cost would be great! On the contrary, by being at the lower tier, we can earn more merits, upgrade our gladiators, and have a fighting chance at higher tier brawls and with better results, quickly bring the team up as well!2

Well, sounds easy but then again if we were to be at the lower tier, who would wish to give way and give up on their opportunity for a brawl? @reaverza @cmplxty @hotsteam @mrsbeetroo , I am only good with analysis and strategies but the tough decision will have to fall into your hands! Hahahaha. Whatever the decision, I will support fully!